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    E'ci is a goddess in the EverQuest franchise. She is known as the Wintry Guardian and is the second member of the Triumvirate of Water. She governs the solid state of the water element, ice.

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    E'ci is the second member of the Triumvirate of Water, the three gods that govern the element of water.  E'ci, known as the Wintry Guardian among many mortals, is charged with overseeing the solid state of water, ice.  She is believed to hold great control to the point of tyranny over her portion of the Plane of Water.  Like the other elemental gods, E'ci cannot be fully understood by mortals, or even the gods of influence and nature.  The tales of her devotion to the balance of her realm against the other elemental powers have fostered a lingering, fearful respect for the goddess within the hearts of the lesser pantheon.  The only mortals known to worship E'ci directly are a coven of sirens in western Velious.


    In most lore, E'ci is illustrated as powerful woman, similar to a Barbarian, clad in frosty chain mail, a frozen plate helm, a fur-lined shield, and wielding a massive trident.    

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