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    Eco is the fuel that powers many of Jak's abilities in Jak and Daxter. In the later Jak games, dark eco fuels all of the machines and vehicles and is a source of conflict in the world.

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    In the

    Percursor Legacy

    , Eco is a basic form of energy, which manifests in colored globules. The Sages were masters of their respective elements, using their powers to better their world.


    is able to collect and harness Eco, and in later installments they have been combined with technology for use as weapons and other items.

    The six types of Eco include:

    • Green Eco: Associated with life, nature and healing. Collecting this Eco heals Jak's lifeforce. Samos is the patron sage of Green Eco.
    • Blue Eco: Associated with electricity and speed. Collecting this Eco gives Jak a temporary speed boost, activates any nearby Precursor technology and attracts collectibles. The Vulcan machinegun in Jak II uses Blue Eco based ammunition.
    • Red Eco: Associated with fire and strength. Collecting this Eco gives Jak much more powerful melee attacks. The red shotgun style scattergun in Jak II uses Red Eco based ammunition.
    • Yellow Eco: Collecting this Eco gives Jak a ranged energy attack. The longer ranged power blaster in Jak II uses Yellow Eco based ammunition.
    • Dark Eco: Associated with death and transformation (ottsels and dark versions, mostly). This Eco hurts Jak and can completely vaporize him in large quanitities. In the sequels, Jak can use Dark Eco for dark transformations.
    • White/Light Eco: This mysterious Eco is only used once in the first game, defeating the final boss. It resurfaces in the third installment with another transformation ability.

    Eco began having a greater impact on the Jak universe during the events of Jak II. Being experimented on by

    Baron Praxis

    with Dark Eco, Jak would learn to harness the power of this mysterious substance to transform into an animalistic dark version of himself, complete with sharp claws and the ability to hurl dark bolts of electricity at his enemies.

    Dark Jak: Pupil-less lord of the underworld.
    Dark Jak: Pupil-less lord of the underworld.


    Jak 3

    , the legendary


    unlocked within Jak the ability to use Light Eco as well as Dark for his advantage, even allowing him to transform into an angelic Light Jak form. Though Jak isn't as offensively intimidating in this form as in the beastial Dark Jak persona, he is given unique abilities like time slowing and tendril-like wings that allow him to reach places inaccessible to the other Jak forms.

    Jak Light: also available in Jak High Life.
    Jak Light: also available in Jak High Life.

    At the trilogy's end, it is not made clear whether or not Jak can continue to use Eco in this fashion.


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