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    Eddie Low is a psychotic, secondary character from Grand Theft Auto IV.

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    Eddie Low is a random character that you find twice in Liberty City. When Niko firsts runs in to Eddie in an alley in Alderney City. They have a short discussion about what's the difference between animals and humans. (Eddie seems to think it has something to do with masturbation). Niko eventually helps Eddie drop off a duffel bag, which he calls the "kids," at the Liberty City Docks. Niko then drops Eddie off in Westminster and heads off.

    Later in the game, Niko finds Eddie again in an alley way in Berchem.  After Eddie shares his views about spanking, Niko let's Eddie know that he thinks his way is "not cool." Well Mr. Low doesn't take these words very well and pulls a knife on Niko. Niko must then Kill Eddie Low in self defense.

    Eddie Low is a sociopath and seemingly schizophrenic. After his death, it is revealed that Eddie Low was in fact the Liberty City serial killer that had been roaming the streets for some while. His modus operandi was rape and murder followed by decapitation. This is what is assumed to be in the bag, for his first task.  

    Criminal Database Profile

    •  Surname: Low
    • First Name: Eddie
    • Age: 32
    • Place of Birth: San Fierro
    • Criminal Record: 1985 - Animal Cruelty
                                             1990 - Exposure of a Person
                                             1995 - Public Lewdness
    •  Notes: -Possible sex offender.
                          -Arrested several times for exposing himself to men in
                           parks and masturbating in public places.

    Mission Appearances

    •  Off Route

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