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    Eddie 'Skate' Hunter

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    Sammy/Eddie "Skate" Hunter is a character from the Streets of Rage series. He is the kid brother of Adam from Streets of Rage 1 and first appears in Streets of Rage 2 to help Axel and Blaze look for his kidnapped brother.

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    Sammy "Skate" Hunter:

    Eddie "Skate" Hunter is the lightest and most agile character, also the weakest. However, Skate is the only character capable of sprinting, by double-tapping a direction, and this can allow him to escape many attacks which the other characters could not. Since double-tapping skate causes him to sprint, his semi-special is a Dynamite Headbutt which can knock over large crowds of enemies. It is perhaps Skate's most invaluable move. He is also a great thrower, forward and backward. His skill with the Lead Pipe and the Katana is poor, due to his weakness, but he is very fast with the Knife.

    Skate is Adams kid brother. When he found out about Mr.X's plan to kidnap Adam Skate quickly slapped on his Rollerblades and met up with two Ex-cops who knew his brother. He is the weakest of all of the characters but he is also the fastest. His Rollerblades give him extra speed and the ability to dash.


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