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    Eddy Raja

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    Eddy Raja is the leader of a modern-day band of pirates and is a long-time rival of Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake. Voiced by James Sie.

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    A vicious Indonesian pirate, Eddy is most recognisable as the secondary villain in Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. However while he is extremely dangerous and ill-tempered, he is consistently foiled and outwitted by Nathan Drake, and his rather bumbling and irate nature provides the ideal comic foil to Gabriel Roman and Navarro's decidedly more straight-man style villainy.

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    Eddy and his band of pirates are camped out in a ruined fortress in the jungles, searching for the treasure of El Dorado, just like Drake and Roman. Drake runs into his old rival while searching for his new partner, Elena Fisher, who's parachute remains were found near the fortress. After mowing down countless pirates, Eddy's men finally captured Nate, locking him up in the prison. While Raja attempts to coerce Drake into helping him find the treasure, he is rescued when Elena breaks him out with a jeep. The two begin to drive away while Raja's pirates give pursuit, though the two managed to get away.

    While sneaking around, Drake soon learns that Eddy and Roman are working together, though he and his right hand Navarro consider him weak and useless. Raja meets up with Nate again, and the two are suddenly forced to work together to hold off against the Descendants of the Spaniards who protect El Dorado. Raja meets his untimely demise after teaming up with a hoard of the angry Descendants attack him from below, one of which grabs him around the waist, bites him in the neck and drags them both off of a chasm, though his gunshots could be heard all the way down.

    Uncharted Multiplayer

    He was eventually made playable in the multiplayer for both Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception as apart of multiplayer character skin packs. Though in Uncharted 3 he plays a bigger focus as one of the villains in the non-canon Cooperative Adventure story mode, alongside Zoran Lazarevic and Harry Flynn. A DLC level for the mode was also soon released where players could then take control of the villainous trio as they fight their way through a rival pirate gang.

    Uncharted: Eye of Indra

    Eddy stars as a supporting character in the prequel motion-comic Eye of Indra, that is set but days before Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. He is first introduced after his sister Rika Raja, whom Drake is sleeping with, calls upon him for help in ripping off a man called Daniel Pinkerton, who had hired Drake to locate a number of rare artifacts.

    Though while not necessarily on friendly terms, Eddy is thusly an ally to Drake during this story. However both he and Drake are ultimately betrayed by Rika, who after stealing Pinkerton's treasures, abandons the two and keeps it for herself.


    • Eddy is nearly always seen equipped with his custom Golden Gun, a 50 calibur handgun painted gold. It is only available through unlocking it via Uncharted's store and once again can be purchased in the sequel, still titled as ''Eddy's Golden Gun''. However it is not available for use in Uncharted 3, as all of the traditional cheats and unlockables had to be removed during development.
    • Eddy makes a cameo in the single-player of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves via Drake's journal. A picture of an angry face with the word "I kill you Drake!" coming from its mouth can be seen, and a note reading "R.I.P." was added sometime later. His email can also be seen scratched out, as well as Harry Flynn's later in the book.

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