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    Edea Kramer

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    Edea is a main character in Final Fantasy VIII. She appears as the initial villain, before it is revealed that she is being possessed by a sorceress from the future, Ultimecia.

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    Edea Kramer is the mysterious sorceress involved in the political turmoil of Galbadia in Final Fantasy VIII. She first appears in a TV station, whisking away Seifer Almasy to become her personal knight.

    Edea was known as Matron, the woman who cared for several of Final Fantasy VIII's main characters in their youths at an orphanage. She was like a mother to them all. She was married to Cid Kramer (the future Headmaster of Balamb Garden), and together they started SeeD. It began with White SeeD, and its purpose was to stop the sorceress Ultimecia. Edea knew what was going to happen, so she made it her goal to try and stop her inevitable reign of terror.

    While the SeeD members thought she was just President Deling's aide, she was actually pulling the strings, and so kills the President, assuming power. Soon thereafter, SeeD attempts an assassination, only to fail and have to face both Seifer and Edea which results in their imprisonment.

    It is revealed in the story that Edea isn't the actual threat, but rather the sorceress possessing her, Ultimecia. After fighting Edea for the last time in Galbadia Garden, Ultimecia gives up control over Edea and transfers her soul into Rinoa Heartilly. After a few moments, Rinoa falls into a coma. Edea returns to normal, as the sweet, kind, and loving person she was before. She even joins the party for a time in order to help handle Esthar and Lunatic Pandora.

    Limit Break

    Edea only has one usable Limit in Final Fantasy VIII, recreating a magical attack she used on Squall in a cutscene.

    • Ice Strike - Edea sends a large, icy projectile at an enemy.

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