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Edgar Kalou is a character in L.A. Noire. He is the owner of Hartfield's Jewelry Store and a suspect in the murder of Everett Gage, who was shot to death by a FN Browning 1922 five time in the back in the front of his store. Kalou owns a FN Browning 1922, serial number 01138, which Kalou claims was stolen in a burglary several years ago.

Kalou is of Jewish descent, having pride in his race and is quickly angered whenever someone objects to it. Phelps can use Kalou's religious motive during the interrogation to get the facts out of him. Doing this reveals Kalou as a dangerously violent man. Edgar Kalou is played by Michael B. Silver.

Edgar in Buyer Beware

In the Patrol case, Buyer Beware, Phelps heres five gunshots while on his beat. While investigating the crime scene, Phelps finds a FN Browning 1922 in a trashcan. 

During a interrogation with Clovis Galletta, she reveals that while browsing Kalou's jewelry store, Everett Gage bursts in the store angry with Galletta. Kalou enters the argument causing Gage to insult the store's merchandise. Shortly after bringing Galletta back to the shoe store, Gage was shot from behind by Kalou. Galletta concludes that Kalou continued the shooting and that he tossed the weapon in a bin and walked away. 

Once Dunn and Phelps go to Kalou's jewelry store, they ask for Edgar Kalou. Once at that moment Kalou lies and runs out of the store.
After being caught, he is sent to the Wilshire Police Station where he is interrogated by Phelps. During the interrogation, Kalou dodges questions implicating him. From the gun found in the trash bin, to a witness testimony, but once Phelps brings up the subject of Kalou's religion, Kalou becomes infuriated and uses that to get a solid confession that he was the one who murdered Everett Gage.

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