Edison Trent

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    The main protagonist of Freelancer, Edison Trent is a survivor of the Freeport 7 incident. A conspiracy plot unravels around him, forcing him to save humanity from an alien invasion.

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    Life before the Freeport 7 incident

    When Trent was in his younger years he used to work for his mechanic and trader uncle Richard W. Tobias, who Trent looked up to as a father figure. However, the two fell out over the issue of Trent's eagerness to make his riches among the stars.  Tobias thought this to be a mistake he would later regret in his life and instead pleaded that he continue to work for him so that Trent could eventually take over his business.  As a result of the argument, Trent left his uncle, and went off to make a living for himself in the Colonies before eventually winding up on Freeport 7.

    The Conspiracy

    Freeport 7

    It is presumed that he eventually was able to become quite successful, and directly before the game's start, Trent had successfully made a deal with a man named Lonnigan. Lonnigan was to pay him a "million creds" at Freeport 7, however, the deal was interrupted before the transaction could be made. Freeport 7 came under attack by an unknown force and was destroyed within the first attack salvo. Luckily, Trent was able to escape within an escape pod with a handful of other Freeport 7 refugees, including Lonnigan, who was left unconscious and badly injured.

    Planet Manhattan

    After being rescued and brought to Planet Manhattan in the New York System of Liberty Space, he is left stranded without money or a ship to even continue his profession. He looks for a job at the local bar while he waits for Lonnigan to regain consciousness and to be administered treatment. While there, he meets Jun'ko Zane who is talking with a Liberty diplomat (Who says that the Order is taking more and more liberties and cutting into our profits), or Juni as he comes to know her, a Liberty Security Force Pilot who offers him a job to run a basic errand for her in return for some credits and a starter ship, the Starflier.

    Game Spoiler Warning

    From here Trent's adventure escalates as he accepts a few missions for the LSF before he helps Juni find a friend of hers, but the two of them are branded traitors to Liberty and start having to fight their way through the system.  Eventually the two of them escape and from there they go to Bretonia.  Juni and Trent save a xeno-archaeologist from Rheinlanders and then Trent goes on to find another xeno-archaeologist by the name of Quintain.  After that the four of them have to escape from Bretonia and meet up with a man named Kresh after taking out a Rheinland Fleet.  Juni and Trent leave for Kusari Space and join up with a group of pirates known as the Blood Dragons.  Trent and a number of Blood Dragons assault a heavily fortified Kusari base and Trent becomes the first human to see an alien known as a Nomad and live to talk about it.  He then leaves for Rheinland Space to find a contact of the Order, previously known to Trent as a group of Terrorists.   He meets up with the Order member and helps him destroy several Nomad battleships before escaping to the Order flagship.  Trent goes on a number of missions for the Order; rescuing Liberty's President and retrieving an alien power cell before the game's final mission.  Trent, Juni and all their remaining friends and Order members defend a planet for a while against the Nomads before you go to a Super Jump Gate that takes you to a Dyson Sphere and Trent has to blow his way through it and into a Nomad city before finally destroying that with an alien artifact that destroys all the Nomads.  After this the game's story is finished but the game play isn't.

    After The Game

    After completing the game Trent's free to do as he pleases, whether he wants to continue killing things in his Order Heavy Fighter known as an Anubis, or become a merchant, pirate, smuggler or whatever, is all up to him.  There's only two ships better than the Anubis stats wise and they're owned by the most powerful pirate factions, and there are many systems and secrets in the game that weren't explored during the story that allow for hours upon hours of game play and exploration, including finding hidden objects like dead hulks of ships that you can damage so that they'll drop items.

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