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    Edmund Duke

    Character » appears in 2 games

    E. Duke, now General in the Terran Dominion under Mengsk, used to be a Colonel in the Terran Confederacy before the events of StarCraft. Edmund is a member of the old families.

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    Edmund Duke first appears in Starcraft as a representative of the oppressive Terran Confederacy coming to quarantine the planet of Mar Sara, and orders you to relocate it's citizens to the outlands. A short while later he orders the arrest of local marshal Jim Raynor, who's attempt to save a nearby colony from the ravaging of the Zerg is misconstrued as an attack on a Confederate base where the Zerg were nested.
    Some time afterward the extremist leader Arcturus Mengsk, who is now sided with you and Jim, surprisingly decides to help rescue Edmund Duke when his battleship crash lands deep into Zerg territory. This act becomes a bargaining chip to combine forces with Edmund in able to further Arcturus' rise to power.


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