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    Eduardo the Samurai Toaster

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 15, 2009

    Eduardo the Samurai Toaster is a side scrolling 2D shooter featuring frantic, hand-drawn graphics that put the power of toast at your fingertips

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    Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, an incredibly fast and frenetic side scrolling, run‘n’gun 2D shooter by Semnat Studios first announced January 5th, 2009 featuring toasters who battle their way through hordes of vegetables.





    It is possible to play Eduardo the Samurai Toaster in 4 difficulty levels ( Easy, Normal, Hard and Crazy-Hard) which determine how much damage the player can take before losing a live, easy allowing the player to get hit quite a number of time and Crazy-Hard being the equivalent of instant death when hit. The player can also determine how many lives may be used to complete the level (1, 3, 6 or infinitive).


    Eduardo the Samurai Toaster is played holding the Wii Remote only sideways, the directional-pad controlling the player's toaster's movement, the "1" button makes the toaster jump and the "2" buttons makes him shoot, the "B" button is used for grabbing (see next section). Although it is impossible to play the game with the Nunchuck it is possible to play it with a classic controller. When playing with the classic controller, "A" and "B" make the toaster jump "X" and "Y" make him shoot and the two shoulder buttons "L" and "R" are used for grabbing. 

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    Players can grab all the enemies except some of the bigger ones and snatch enemy projectiles out of the air. Once grabbed they can then be trowed in any desired direction to damage enemies. Grabbing is thus mostly used to counter unavoidable projectiles and damage larger enemies with their own attacks.


    There are several weapon upgrades that different enemies drop that your toaster can pick up, all the weapon upgrades have a set number of ammunition that once empty will be unusable. The player's toaster can not switch weapons, the last one picked up will be used and will only be replaced by another one if the player walks over another upgrade or runs out of ammo to return to the default weapon. There is also a melee attack that the player's toaster will use when an enemy is in range. Weapons are fired by pressing the attack button once, the frequency of the weapons thus being controlled by how fast the player can press the attack button, there is a limit though to the frequency of toast a player can shoot with the different weapons making controllers featuring turbo modes less effective then imaginable. The different weapons in the game are:

    • Melee: Power chord Whip
    The power chord whip is the most powerful attack in the game, to use it an enemy must be facing the player's toaster while pressing the attack button. The whip attack can take out multiple enemies at once making it very effective against groups of enemies.

    • Default: Single shot Toast
    The default attacking Eduardo The Samurai Toaster is a simple single shot toast attack, every time the player presses the attack button the toaster will shot a toast. The single shot does not have any splash damage however.

    • Red: Shotgun Toast
    The shotgun toast attack is a low range high damage attack that can take out multiple enemies at once. The maximum shot frequency is one of the lowest of the game
    The Spread Shot in action
    The Spread Shot in action

    • Orange: Spread fire Toast
    The spread fire shot is comparable to the single shot as the toast frequency is determined by how fast the attack button is pressed and one toast can only take out one enemy however instead of firing one toast at every shot 3 are fired in a V shape pattern.

    • Blue: Burst Fire Toast
    Also much like the single shot but instead of firing one toast at a time 4 are shot. This is the default weapon in the two SHMUP levels that the game has. In these levels, its ammunition is unlimited.

    • White: Homing Toast
    The homing toasts are toast shot at at the lowest maximum frequency of the game that home in at enemies and have some area damage that will take out surrounding foes.

    • Yellow: Shrapnel grenade Toast
    The shrapnel grenade is a toast that the player's toaster will throw and will explode in multiple little toasts on contact that all harm enemies. The individual shrapnel do not have any area damage however.

    • Special: Attack Vehicle
    In one of the later sections of the game it is possible to ride and attack vehicle in the vain of Metal Slug games which shoots unlimited spread shot laser beams. The vehicle, which is essentially a segway with a laser cannon attached to it, however does explode after taking a certain amount of damage. The vehicle is only used once in the total of the game.

    Local Multiplayer

    Up to 4 players can play the game at once, joining a game is simply done by pressing the " " button. Players can join a game in the menu or during gameplay.


    There are an total of 13 different level in Eduardo the Samurai Toaster everyone having its own art style. Levels get progressively longer and harder. There are also two SHMUP styled levels in
    One of the SHMUP levels.
    One of the SHMUP levels.
    which the player's toaster straps on a jet pack and is given an unlimited "Burst Fire Toast". While most of the levels let the player progress at their own pace some of the later levels are Auto-Scrolling or have sections that are. In some occasions it might happened that section have to be completely cleared before the player's toaster can walk further. The later level since they are longer also have checkpoints. One of the later levels features an section in which the player can drive a spread beam laser shooting vehicle, this is the only section where the vehicle is used.


    • United States
    June 15th, 2009: 800 Nintendo Points

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