Edward Chris von Muir

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    From Final Fantasy IV, He is the prince of Damcyan masquerading as a "spoony bard". Wields a magical harp. Eloped with Tellah's daughter.

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    Edward is the prince of the nation of Damcyan in Final Fantasy IV. While masquerading as a simple bard, he eloped with Tellah's daughter Anna, much to Tellah's anger. Anna is mortally wounded when Baron attacks Damcyan and steals the nation's crystal. Upon seeing his daughter in such a state, Tellah erupts with rage and attacks Edward, referring to him as a "spoony bard"; an insult that has become an iconic line in the game's original localization and maintained in Final Fantasy IV's remakes.

    Anna manages to get Tellah to stop his assault on Edward, but dies. After Tellah leaves the party, Edward joins Cecil and Rydia in order to help them acquire the Sand Ruby necessary to cure Rosa of an illness from the Antlion's den. After finding the courage to continue fighting with the help of Anna's spirit, he remains with the party until he's flung overboard from a ship traveling from Fabul to Baron. Rescued by the amazons of Troia, he is left bedridden with illness, but is still able to aid the party with the music of his magical harp.


    Edward has two unique commands; Sing and Hide. Using the Sing command, Edward can temporarily lull enemies to sleep. The Hide command makes Edward flee from the battle temporarily, allowing him to avoid damage.


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