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    Eely Mouth

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    Eely Mouth is one of the bosses of Super Mario Sunshine. It is unintentionally responsible for the pollution of Noki Bay.

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    Eely Mouth is an extremely large black eel who protrudes from a hole in the ocean floor, meaning that it's top half is the only half of it ever seen. It has four glowing yellow eyes, one pair on each side of it's mouth. Interestingly one pair of eyes have a more male look, having two down-turned eyebrows over them, while the other pair has a more female look, with long eyelashes, which throws into question the gender of Eely Mouth. Eely Mouth has eight teeth; seven real teeth and one gold one. 


    Eely Mouth only appears once in Super Mario Sunshine, in the fifth episode of the level Noki Bay, entitled 'Eely-Mouth's Dentist'. Throughout the previous episodes of this level Noki Bay had been filled with a poisonous purple water, which in this level, an elderly Noki known as Grandpa tells Mario this is due to a giant eel with a dental problem taking up residence in the ancient underwater Noki halls. Wearing a diving helmet Mario jumps into a giant waterfall, the force of which pushes him down into the lair of Eely Mouth. 
    Each of Eely Mouth's teeth are covered with purple goop and it keeps it's mouth open for most of the battle, exposing it's teeth and letting out damaging purple bubbles. Mario can use F.L.U.D.D. to shoot the bubbles which comes out of it's mouth to make them split into smaller non-poisonous bubbles which help replenish Mario's air supply. Mario must use F.L.U.D.D. to clean all the goop off of each of Eely Mouth's teeth, but after each period of cleaning it will attempt to suck Mario into it's mouth and retreat back into it's hole, depriving Mario of air if he has been sucked inside, before popping back up and opening it's mouth to start the cycle again. After each of the outer of Eely Mouth's teeth (not counting the gold tooth) are cleaned they fall out and float away and upon all of it's teeth being cleaned it retreats into the ocean floor, leaving being a heart formation of gold coins and it's gold tooth which turns into a Shine Sprite
    Eely Mouth also appears as a golfer on the scorecard in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. How exactly Eely Mouth can play golf is unclear. 


    • Upon Eely Mouth's defeat F.L.U.D.D. says 'Remember to take proper care of your teeth'.
    • Although the Mario universe is not considered one of great realism it is worth noting that although Eely Mouth would logically breathe out carbon dioxide and Mario would breathe in oxygen, but the bubbles from Eely Mouth's mouth can be used to replenish his air supply.
    • In the French version of Super Mario Sunshine, Eely Mouth is called 'Anguille Géante' which literally translates to English as 'Giant Eel'.

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