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Eggs are the ova of animals that do not produce live offspring, such as birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. When eggs are fertilized by the male of the species, they will protect and nourish an embryo until it hatches. Eggs from birds and reptiles have a hard, calcified outer shell surrounding the egg white and egg yolk. The white contains some protein, and the yolk contains vitamins and minerals, protein, and fat.

Egg Consumption

Many eggs are edible and are enjoyed worldwide. The tiny eggs of fish are called roe or caviar, and may be served raw over crackers or in sushi. Bird eggs, especially chicken eggs, are a widely popular breakfast item. They may be served fried, scrambled, hard- or soft-boiled, or poached, and may be incorporated with other ingredients for a more complex dish like an omelet or Eggs Benedict. In Japanese cuisine, raw egg is sometimes used as a topping or a dip for other foods. Egg is also used in cooking as a binding agent for other ingredients, such as in the preparation of cake, fried chicken, pancakes, waffles, or hamburger patties.

Eggs In Games

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Eggs in the world of gaming tend to take on more dramatic roles than as a simple food source. True to their purpose, eggs in video games often hatch into things. A prime example would be the speckled eggs in Super Mario World which hatch into Yoshis. In Super Mario Bros 2, Birdo used eggs as a weapon, shooting them out of her nose. In The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, an egg was used as a central plot device. That game featured an enormous egg at the center of Koholint Island, which housed the sleeping Wind Fish. Metal Gear Solid 4 featured a character named Sunny who would use fried eggs to divine the future; some chapters of the game would begin with a scene where the behavior of Sunny's eggs in the pan would broadly foreshadow coming events.

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