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Eggerland is the name given to a series of action puzzle games developed by HAL Laboratory starring the brave hero Lolo and usually featuring his love interest Lala and the diabolical King Egger. The goal of each game is to run around single-screen mazes, collecting all the heart icons while avoiding enemies. With many of the stages there is a specific path to success, using the enemies and the various obstacles in tandem, that the player must ascertain in order to beat the stage and move on.

Depending on the game, these single-screens are either presented in a tower format or a labyrinth format. The tower games, such as the Adventure of Lolo series, are simply a linear path through a series of single-screen stages. The labyrinth games are a little more open-ended and requires that the player pick the best course through the many screens.

The series includes:

Eggerland MysteryFirst Eggerland game. Released for MSX in Japan and Europe.
Eggerland Mystery 2 / Meikyuu ShinwaSequel to Eggerland Mystery, also released for MSX in Japan and Europe. Subtitle means "Labyrinth Myth".
EggerlandFirst Nintendo Eggerland game. Released for the Famicom Disk System in Japan only.
Eggerland: Meikyuu no FukkatsuSecond Nintendo Eggerland game. Released for the Famicom in Japan only. Subtitle means "Revival of the Labyrinth".
Eggerland: Souzouhe no TabidachiThird Nintendo Eggerland game. Released for the Famicom Disk System in Japan only. Subtitle means "Departure to Creation".
Adventures of LoloReleased for NES, only in NA/EU territories. First in the Adventures of Lolo series.
Adventures of Lolo 2NES sequel. Released in Japan as "Adventures of Lolo".
Adventures of Lolo 3NES sequel. Released in Japan as "Adventures of Lolo 2".
Adventures of Lolo (Game Boy)Game Boy spin-off. Released in Japan as "Lolo no Daibouken" (Lolo's Great Adventure). Was not released in North America.
Eggerland Episode 0: Quest for LalaReleased for Windows 95 in Japan only. Is actually a shareware "demo" of the much larger Eggerland for Windows 95.
Eggerland for Windows 95Released for Windows 95 in Japan only. Last full game in the Eggerland series.
Revival! EggerlandAn enhanced port of Eggerland for Windows 95, compatible for Windows 98 and ME. Japan only.

The Eggerland characters also make cameos in other games, especially those of Kirby, HAL Lab's chief mascot character - Lolo and Lala have appeared several times as Kirby bosses.

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