Egypt II: The Heliopolis Prophecy

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 2000

    Explore the ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis as priestess Tifet looking to cure her father's illness.

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    Young priestess Tifet goes out to the ancient Egyptian city of Heliopolis, searching for a cure to her father's illness. What she finds however is a widespread conspiracy and poisoned food supplies.
    One of the last games Cryo Interactive Entertainment developed. Following in the vain of their previous educational adventure games. The player gets to explore a historic city, use items, talk to Egyptians, perform a trading minigame, dance to some drums and solve a crime. The database of historical information about the culture, art, people and places of the time makes a return. As does the option to skip the story altogether and just explore Heliopolis as it was in 1360 BC.  This was the last game where Cryo collaborated with  French institution  Réunion des musées nationaux.

    The graphics saw a great improvement over Cryo's previous adventure games. With the pre-rendered panorama's now containing more detail and animations than before. But the main difference to most of Cryo's previous adventure games is the focus on it's story. Like  Atlantis: The Lost Tales before it and Beyond Atlantis 2 after, this game focuses more on it's characters and their predicament rather than the setting and edutainment part of it.

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