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    A community made control point map for Team Fortress 2, created by the maker of cp_junction.

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    Cp_Egypt is a community made control point map for Team Fortress 2. It was created by Sean ‘Heyo’ Cutino who also made cp_junction. The map was released by Valve on to Team Fortress 2 as part of the Scout update on the 24th February 2009. Its ingame filename is cp_egypt_final. It is unique its its design and no other stock map contains an Egyptian theme.

    Map Layout

    There are 3 stages to Egypt. The first has the attackers coming out 2 spawn doors to a raised square block atop of which is the first cap point. Once this is capture the second point is opened, which is accessible through 2 entrances. The first is through steps and the second is a small cave around the back. This is an open point and may be difficult to defend without good teamwork. The next stage beings if the attackers succeed. This stage begins with the attackers at a height disadvantage as the defenders are on a raised area with a sheltered capture point. The next point is is through a small tunnel and may be difficult to defend as teleporters can be built nearby. Once these are captured the game moves to the final area containing the final 2 points. The first is in a large open, 2 tiered area and the Blu team start below and must fight their way up to the first point of the stage. The final point is in an open area with 2 entrances, one from below and one from above. When this point is captured the door behind the final point opens to a tomb filled with gold.

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