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    Ehayae is a spirit god in the EverQuest franchise. She is known as the Matron of the Dawn and represents birth, rebirth, and creation in the cycle of life.

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    Ehayae is one of the lesser known spirit gods of the pantheon.  Very few mortals even know of her, let alone worship the Matron of the Dawn.  Ehayae is the deity that maintains the cycle of birth, rebirth, and creation.  She is strongly tied to Drinal, who governs the other half of the cycle of life.  Those who follow her hold dawn and twilight as sacred times of each day.  While the ideals associated with Ehayae are considered to be 'good' things, she is completely neutral.  She does what she does not out of benevolence, but necessity.


    In most lore, Ehayae is depicted as a bipedal golden hawk with an ivory beak.  She often carries a halfcircle representing the rising sun.    

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