Why not a sequel?

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#1 Posted by AEKtzis (123 posts) -

Holy crap!!! I clicked on Clouds page and saw this game lol i remember playing this game a long time ago at my friends house. I LOVED IT!!!

I never owned it but from what I played it was great. I figured they would have made a sequel.

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#2 Posted by noextralife (216 posts) -

I remember playing the game as a Kid and hating it, it was great playing as the final fantasy 7 characters but that doesn't mask a poor beat em up, in terms of a sequel, Dissidia Final Fantasy is what your looking for.

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#3 Posted by MadBootsy (855 posts) -

Probably because without the Final Fantasy characters, it would be a pretty forgettable PS1 fighter. Just saying.

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#4 Posted by Equivocator (10 posts) -

I'd have to agree. I bought it as a kid being a FFVII fanboy, but it is quite a forgettable game without the extra character inclusions, and even then, it still doesnt make for anything special. A disconnected story and weak mechanics cant be excused just because it had some fan service.

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