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    Eight Days

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    First appearing as an unnamed tech demo at E3 2005, Eight Days was officially announced at the Sony E3 press conference before being canceled shortly after.

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    Eight Days was originally shown as part of a montage of tech demos during the PlayStation 3 segment of Sony's E3 2005 press conference.  It was not until the following year, at E3 2006, that Sony officially announced the game's title and some more detailed information about it.  The game featured two playable characters, one considered "good" and the other "bad," each with their own objectives.  Over the course of the eight days, the two main characters would go through eight different states across the United States.  The game also featured a real-time clock, so if the player was playing at night, the game world would reflect that.

    Shortly before E3 2008, Sony canceled production of Eight Days along with The Getaway.  Sony's officially statement was that the two titles were dropped due to "the redistribution of resources and budget."  Sony's Shuhei Yoshida said that Eight Days' lack of multiplayer also contributed to it being axed.
    However, as of October 2009, it was said that the game has been placed "On Hold," and has not been entirely canceled.

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