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The Arcade and Dreamcast versions of 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker were developed by SEGA-AM2 and published by SEGA, whereas the ports to the PlayStation 2 and GameCube were later handled by Acclaim. In 2001, the Dreamcast release brought changes for the game's characters, voice actors, as well as its implementation of a more accessible/user-friendly in-game map. While it was well-received on SEGA's hardware, the later ports were criticized for not making good use of slightly more powerful hardware and not providing any additional value to the source material. The game's sequel,

The King of Route 66

, was exclusively released for the PlayStation 2 in 2003.


The gameplay of 18 Wheeler consists of you racing another trucker across and the clock across the country carrying cargo. 

Arcade Mode

Requires you to deliver various cargo across truncated representations of the continental United States. The objective is to beat your rival and deliver your cargo with as little damage as possible. 


Arcade Courses

  • New York - Key West
  • St. Petersberg - Dallas
  • Dallas - Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas - San Fransisco

Parking Mode

Parking Mode consists of six challenges which task players to accurately park their semi-trucks within the perimeters of a highlighted area à la

Crazy Taxi

. There were three bonus stages (parking levels) featured in the arcade version, which were placed in-between the levels, although the number is increased to six - including two that have to be unlocked, in the console ports. The purpose of the parking levels is to earn upgrades for your semi-truck, making the later arcade levels more manageable, and additionally put an emphasis on precision control and careful driving techniques.


Parking Courses (Arcade):


  • One-Turn Parking - Unlocks louder horn.
  • Two-Turn Parking - Unlocks muffler.
  • Reverse Parking - Unlocks new truck engine.

Versus Mode

Two player mode where you race head to head to deliver your cargo.

Score Attack Mode

In this mode your goal is to earn as much money as possible while racing three laps around a course. You earn cash by preventing your cargo from taking damage, crashing into bonus cars and defeating your rival trucker. 



 Each character has their own individualized semi-truck, with different rankings. Their stats are provided with speed, torgue, and toughness ratings.


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