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    Eighting Co., Ltd.

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    8ing/Raizing is a Japanese company known for its shoot'em ups and fighting games.

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    8ing/Raizing was founded by former employees of Compile, and operated as a beast with two heads - Raizing handled the development duties, 8ing the sales and distribution. After Toaplan went bankrupt, an assortment of their staff joined Raizing, forming the backbone of a highly-regarded shoot-em-up studio.

    8ing's name is a Japanese pun of sorts, reading as "raijin", or God of Lightning.

    In October 2000, Raizing was incorporated into 8ing, effectively ending its time developing arcade games and shooters and commencing a new focus on mobile and social games. The project lead behind Raizing's most famous shooters, Shinobu Yagawa, would go on to work at Cave on games like Ibara and DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu Black Label.


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