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    El Marrow

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    The largest city in the Eighth Underworld, later renamed "Nuevo Marrow" following crime boss Hector LeMans' takeover of the Department of Death.

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    El Marrow is the name of a large city featured prominently in Grim Fandango. It is the first destination for all deceased souls who have been ushered into the Land of the Dead by "travel agents" working for the Department of Death. After being processed at the DOD, these souls are expected to undertake a traditional four-year pilgrimage across the Eighth Underworld before they are allowed their true eternal rest. However, many souls in Grim Fandango appear to have settled into organized communities, and El Marrow is the most populous of these settlements.

    The city's skyscrapers are constructed from a concrete-like substance that is mined from trees in the nearby Petrified Forest.


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