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    Elaine Rubech Raglan

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    One of the women chosen by Dyshana, she and Leonhardt were engaged by their parents. Sense then her family has been destroyed. With her abilities she became a she received the honor of knighthood in a male-dominated knight society.

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    Daughter of the gentle House of Rubech, she grew up with a very strict father and and brilliant tutors that helped her become the woman she is today. Gifted int he arts of fighting with only two years of in-service training, she received the honor of knight-hood, and became an assistant chief officer.
    Though it was strange in a male-dominated knight-society, those who knew her, knew she deserved that, though it may have only been because of her status and pedigree. Elaine only did this to impress her father, to live up to the expectations placed upon her. In reality Elaine is a gentle soul and hates war with a hot passion.
    She tried to stop the invasion on the Frontier, but it proved useless. It hurt her heart to no end knowing this failure, but finds hope once again when she hears about Leonhardt, and the rumors around him, and set out to fight at his side. She was proposed to by Melchoir, but her heart still belongs to Leonhardt, she holds great feelings towards the Golden Leo though she know's very little about him, besides being engaged by their parents.
    The player character meets Elaine in Reganu Pass at level 12 . Much like with the other girls in the game, it depends on the player whether or not to pursue Elaine or not, there is no right or wrong answer on who to end up with at the end of generation one.

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