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    One of the council races in the Mass Effect universe. Incredibly strong, but very slow, the Elcor have a very conservative culture, and use unique social conventions to communicate.

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    The Elcor are considered one of the minor races in the galaxy and so have little representation within the Citadel Council, although they are lobbying for greater recognition for their species. Indicative of their status within Citadel politics, their diplomat on the Citadel is forced to share his office with the diplomat of the Volus, another minor race. The Elcor homeworld of Dekuuna has an unusually high level of gravity, resulting in the Elcor evolving to walk with all four limbs in order to be more stable.

    The Elcor appear to be a very patient and placid species from the limited encounters Shepard has with them in Mass Effect. They express their emotions during communication through minor changes in body language rather than through a changing of tone in their voice. This is imperceptible to humans and many other species, and thus the Elcor have adapted by prefixing anything they say with a verbal description of the tone in which their forthcoming comment should be understood (e.g. "Chastising rebuke: ..."). At one point it is mentioned that due to the lack of emotional context in their speech patterns, a human director by the name of Francis Kitt is said to have plans to produce a version of Hamlet, starring Elcor cast members, that would allow human audiences to judge Hamlet on his actions and not on his emotions.


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