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    Whip-swinging villainess from the Streets of Rage series.

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    An enemy in the Streets of Rage series, Electra first appears in Streets of Rage 2, taking the place of the saucy whip-swinging "Nora" from the first game. Something of a step-up from her predecessor, Electra sports an electrified whip(probably the source of her name) and a rather effective flying kick which she oftens uses as a rising attack.

    Alike Hakuyo and the ninjas, Electra can perform her flying kick while dropping in from the top of the screen, but as she rarely makes an entrance from above, this is quite a rare sight.

    Never an especially modest dresser, Electra decided to sex up her attire and bare some cleavage in the series' third iteration, Bare Knuckle III. This didn't seem to go down well with those handling the Western localization, Streets of Rage 3, so they outfitted her with a fetching red coat and a nice skirt to cover her thighs.


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