EA planning to region lock it's digital distribution?

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This was posted on the Greenmangaming Twitter account this morning, every trace of it is gone now from their blog and their twitter account(I didn't know you could delete tweets?)

Thought it was worth saving before it's lost on my phone's browser to see if this actually happens.

@greenmangaming said:

EA Games Now Region Restricted

October 7th, 2011

Bad news folks, we very unfortunately have to pull down EA products from sale in all regions except for the UK.

We’re currently in talks with EA to see if this can be changed, however I can’t give any kind of guarantees aside from saying as soon as I know something I will let you know too.

For those who had already purchased EA games from outside the UK – don’t worry as all of those sales will be honoured and you will receive your game(s), and they will continue to work.

And if you’re currently taking part in our Twitter or Facebook competitions to win the equivalent credit for a copy of Battlefield 3 – those two prizes will also be honoured, even though the delivery of the prize of BF3 may change.

With regard to our 10 day promotion, this will continue as planned, but will only be available to the UK.

We’re very sorry about this and, as I say, hope to have it changed in future.


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