The Gun Club: EA Announces Its Own Rewards Program

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#51 Posted by GozerTC (487 posts) -

Huh... so another "rewards" program on top of everything else?  *Shrugs*  Not a big selling point for me.  

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#52 Posted by Vaancor (258 posts) -

Must say, love the name. Wonder if we get like membership cards or something.

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#54 Posted by MeatSim (11140 posts) -

Do I get real guns if I join the gun club?

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#55 Posted by pweidman (2590 posts) -

Awkward moments in the EA conference.  That lady looked humiliated and prolly drew the short straw for who had to walk out and intro that cheese.  And the song?  Just hilarious.  Not to worry though.  The site/link won't ever work like all other EA shit anyway.  Anybody see Ryan try to use a linked online feature in the TW 2011 QL only to have it fail?  I've never seen one work in at least 6 different versions of TW and Madden.  EA is something else.
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#56 Posted by Westrunner (31 posts) -

Is EA going to have a mini-social network for every genre? 

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#57 Posted by Branthog (5777 posts) -

Ooh, will it be anything like their stupid Mass Effect bullshit, where buying it brand new (or paying $15) gets you the glorious benefit of one shitty stupid fucking piece of DLC? Or maybe like Battlefield Bad Company 2, where it gets you the benefit of not being able to get a bunch of DLC, because it all requires a bunch of obscure codes from Dr Pepper cans that you can't fucking find anywhere? Oh, the glorious golden age of videogames is upon us, indeed!

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#58 Posted by ZOOMER_ZERO (57 posts) -

I thought I would never play another "modern warfare" like shooter again...but here I am, getting pumped about another one. 
It's really only because I'm a sucker for anything DICE does. 

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