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Fun & Unique But Your Mileage May Vary 0

Electroplankton is undoubtedly one of the most original creations on the Nintendo DS.  Designed by Toshio Iwai (the creator of the electronic step-sequencer called the Tenori-On), Electroplankton is more of a musical toy than a video game.  Besides his love of video games and music, Iwai’s primary inspiration came from his childhood memories looking through a microscope.  When playing, the top screen shows an enlarged view of the cartoony plankton floating around on the bottom screen. ...

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Creative, quirky, and satisfying but with significant weaknesses. 0

I love music.   I love making music.  I love it when people make music in unusual ways.  This is why I came to Electroplankton with so much optimism. I recently had the good fortune of finding an Electroplankton cartridge in an Irish GameStop and could barely help myself from being obnoxiously excited about it.  For the unfamiliar:  Electroplankton is a ga--excuse me.  Electroplankton is mostly not a game, at least in the most academic definition of the word.  Electroplankton could best be descr...

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Dive into the musical world of Elecktroplankton, only for a bit.. 0

Music has increased in games in the past years, there has been more involvemnt in the players abilty to create music. Whether your rocking out in Guitar Hero or jamming along in Jam Sessions. Well say hello to Elecktroplankton the new musical device on the block, but how does Elecktroplankton fare agaianst allof the others. Will it leave you gasping for air, or send you plummiting down into the deep?To call Electroplankton a game would be misleading to people who read this review, it is not so ...

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