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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Jul 17, 2008

    Elefunk is a PSN puzzle game that challenges players to build appropriately designed and supported bridges to allow the elephants' crossing. Made by 8bit Games, Elefunk uses a true-to-life physics model to determine pressure points and weight distribution.

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    Elefunk is a physics-based puzzle where the goal is to add or remove platforms and their supports to allow one or more elephants to reach a goal. Once the structure has been completed the player presses a button which causes the elephant(s) to start walking
    A Bridge Being Made
    A Bridge Being Made
    across the map; if the building cannot support the weight of the elephant then the structure collapses underneath it, causing the mission to be restarted.

    The game takes place over 20 missions in 4 stages, each with its own visual and gameplay style.


    Single Player

    1. Puzzle mode - In puzzle mode, you have a set amount of points that continuously count down from 100,000.  During this long period of time, you need to build a successful supporting structure to allow the elephant(s) to move to the objective. The faster the level is cleared, more of the 100,000 points are earned. However, if the points get to zero you still are allowed to finish the level.
    2. Time attack mode - Time attack is the same as puzzle mode except for the fact that you're trying to build the structure as fast as you possibly can. These times are uploaded to the Playstation Network and ranked against other players globally.


    Players remove one girder at a time from one of five pre-built structures
    Players remove one girder at a time from one of five pre-built structures
    Elefunk's multiplayer mode is similar to Jenga. On one of 5 levels, players take turns removing beams from a pre-built structure upon which elephants are standing. The loser is the player who removes a beam which causes the structure to collapse; the more beams have been removed, the longer the structure must remain structurally sound before the other player may take a move.

    Multiplayer supports both local and online gameplay. The gameplay in this mode is simple, allowing children and adults of all ages to play - and no communication is necessary.

    Puzzle Mode Levels

    Puzzle mode is made up of a total of 20 levels over 4 stages and with a bonus stage on the end of each stage. The 4 stages are called "The Mystic Mountain", "The Eastern Promise", "The Swamp Lands" and the "Circus".

    The levels in each:

    The Mystic Mountain                                     
    1. Simply Love
    2. Up and Down
    3. Support Me
    4. Long and Winding Road
    5. Could Be Tricky
    6. Bonus Level 1
    The Eastern Promise
    1. Rolling, Rolling, Rolling
    2. Cross the Cartouche
    3. Its a Pharaoh Way
    4. Trunks Across The Nile
    5. Herd It Thru The Grapevine
    6. Bonus Level 2
    The Swamp Lands
    1. Smile For The Snappers
    2. Across The Swamp
    3. Elevate or Be Eaten
    4. Hitch A Rope
    5. Ups And Downs
    6. Bonus Level 3
    The Circus
    1. Roll Up, Roll Up
    2. High Wire Heights
    3. The Main Attraction
    4. Big Top Dipper
    5. The Rungmasters Demise
    6. Bonus Level 4

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