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    Elemental Master

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Dec 14, 1990

    The powerful sorcerer Laden is forced to fight his brother Roki, who has now become Gyra: Lord of Darkness, in this vertically-scrolling fantasy shoot 'em up.

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    Elemental Master is a shoot 'em up from Technosoft for the Sega Genesis that features a fantasy theme rather than the more common sci-fi/spaceship shooters of the system. The sorcerer Laden is tasked with defeating Gyra before he can fully conquer the kingdom of Lorelei with his minions Clauss and Salome.

    The game scrolls vertically upwards, but Laden can turn around and shoot behind him if enemies are approaching from the rear. Each power-up in the game is a spell of a different element, with various attack patterns and a separate, more powerful charge-up attack. In addition, because Laden is on foot, he also needs to navigate around level geometry such as mountains and rivers as well as enemy fire. The game allows the player to tackle the first four levels in any order, though the fifth, sixth and seventh levels are all fixed.


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