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    Elena is a junior member of the Turks that first appears in Final Fantasy VII.

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    Elena is a member of the Turks that appears in Final Fantasy VII and its prequel, Before Crisis. In Final Fantasy VII, she is their newest member and thus the lowest ranking Turk in the organization. Her family has long-standing ties with the Shinra organization, as her father was a teacher for the Shinra Military Academy and her older sister was a member of the Turks as well. Elena resents her sister for always outperforming her own abilities, and thus she aims to one day prove herself the better sibling.

    Though Elena is among the hardest-working and persistent members of the Turks, her inexperience, naivety and impulsiveness sometimes gets in her way. She also tends to talk too much, and as a result occasionally blurts out secrets without thinking. Her lack of experience tends to hold the Turks back at times while on missions that she may not be ready for, but she has also displayed a resourcefulness that has saved their lives in the past.

    Elena has a crush on Tseng, the current leader of the Turks, which has at times worked to her disadvantage.


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