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    Kenyan Princess first introduced in the Street Fighter III line of games with New Generation. She fights using Capoeira and is infamous for having a Super/Ultra which allows her to heal herself.

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    Introduced in Street Fighter III: New Generation, Elena is of Kenyan origin and she is the princess of her tribe. She became a master of the capoeira fighting style after being taught from a young age but also fights with the rhythm of nature. Elena is an exchange student who traveled to Japan and France; she also learned new things about other cultures and forming new friendships. One of the sayings that her father taught before going off to travel the world is this, "Friendship is universal". Elena has a bubbly personality and looks that are just stunning at first glance.


    All of Elena's attacks in Street Fighter III are kicks; opposite of Dudley and Balrog--where all their attacks are punches.


    In Street Fighter III: Second Impact, Elena is in Japan and becomes friends with a girl name Narumi. She is riding down a huge hill on a bike and enjoying her time in Japan.

    In Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Elena is in France studying for her PhD where her father studied; she was also attended the Harvest Festival. When the Harvest Festival ended, Elena writes a letter to her friend, Narumi, and writes about how she had a great time with her when she was in Japan; and hopes to see her again.

    Elena's winning comments in Third Strike

    • "You need to be more flexible. Let me help you stretch your body!"
    • "Get addicted to the beat! Rhythm can be your friend, too!"
    • "You could teach me some new moves! Lets dance together again!"
    • "I hope this moment of friendship will be bring you many happy memories!"
    • "When you feel the wind, you can feel many elements of nature at work."
    • "My accent? I must have pick it up during my travels!"
    • "This is my best dance, performed especially for you!"
    • "Forget about your troubles and realized the harmony around us!"


    Special Moves

    • Scratch Wheel
    • Rhino Horn
    • Mallet Smash
    • Spin Size
    • Lynx Tail

    Super Art

    • Spinning Beat
    • Brave Dance
    • Healing

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