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Elena is a young songstress of Granas. She is mild-mannered, polite, and devoted to her faith, but she can also be quite spirited at times. As a result of this, she often clashes with Ryudo, her bodyguard, especially due to his insistence that he wants nothing to do with god or women. She has lived a sheltered life, and cannot understand how people can be hateful, spiteful, or cynical as he is.

Along with Ryudo, she develops as a character throughout the game, losing her naïve ideals and gaining more worldly views. Conversely, she also maintains her fervent belief in Granas, and will put her service to the church before anything, including her friends. Elena is a foil of the character Millenia, with whom she shares a body due to a curse early in the game. As the game progresses the two compete for Ryudo's affections; however, Elena's devout servitude to the church makes it difficult for her to commit to another cause, sparking several difficult situations. However, after learning of Granas's death, she gives up her cause and finally gives in to Ryudo.

Her stats are low but her magic increases rapidly. She can kill instantly with most magic attacks. Her moves include Impact Bomb, Nightmare Ball, Droplets of Life, and White Apocalypse. All moves are available from the beginning of the game. Elena uses a staff to attack.

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