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Elevator Action Returns is the sequel to the original Elevator Action, first released in 1994 for arcades and later ported to the Sega Saturn in 1997. The game follows a counter-terrorist unit known as DEF as they foil terrorist plots and stop a terrorist organisation lead by 'Red Suit' from creating a new society through the use of nuclear weapons.


Helicopter, coming though!
Helicopter, coming though!

Elevator Action Returns improves greatly on the formula established by it's predecessor, featuring much more intense gameplay and strategy when using elevators, as well as the inclusion of more intelligent enemies. While the game is still about going through buildings and retrieving information behind marked doors, the stages are more elaborate and there a vast amount of enemies to kill and weapons to pick up such as machine guns and bazookas. While the original Elevator Action only involved traversing the level vertically downwards, the game allows the player to move in all directions, often having to horizontally backtrack through a level in order to reach a new area.

The game can be played by up to two players, who can choose between three different characters each with their own stats: Power, Gun and Speed. Power indicates how much health the player has, as the player no longer dies in one hit, Gun indicates how powerful their weapons are and Speed indicates how quickly they move.


The soundtrack was composed by Yasuhisa Watanabe and published by Pony Canyon on July 21, 1995. The soundtrack features music from the game layered with a narrative and sound effects, such as the sounds of elevators and gunshots.

Track Listing

Elevator Action -Returns-
Elevator Action -Returns-

Name: Elevator Action -Returns- <V.C.O. "Cinema" Mix>

Total length: 43:14

  1. "Rush Action" - (2:45)
  2. "D.E.F" - (0:39)
  3. "Red After Image" - (4:21)
  4. "System Down" - (4:21)
  5. "Message From 1998" - (1:31)
  6. "Feedback Romance" - (4:05)
  7. "Colors of Nights" - (2:59)
  8. "Side by Side" - (4:31)
  9. "I Can Only Think In Job" - (3:37)
  10. "Break Beat" - (1:07)
  11. "Blow Up" - (3:36)
  12. "Red Suit" - (2:17)
  13. "Missing Link" - (1:42)
  14. "Pre Production" - (2:10)
  15. "Elevator Action '95" - (3:42)

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