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Eliminate Down is a Sega Mega Drive game developed by now defunct developer Aprinet. It was released in 1993 and solely in Japan. The game uses standard horizontal shooter mechanics but differentiates itself by offering a different level of intensity and difficult gameplay. The player must brave eight rounds of space, insect, and mechanical worlds before defeating the final enemy, each world more difficult than the last. The player is also offered three modes: easy, normal, and hard to play, as well as a scoring system for replayability.


Only two power ups are available to the ship: 'E' or energy shield and 'P' or power. The energy shield absorbs a certain amount of hits before it is destroyed, leaving the ship vulnerable to a single attack before it explodes. 'P' power ups allow the player to level their weapons. A level is gained for every 5 'P' power ups gained. There is a maximum of 3 levels that can be obtained. If the player's ship explodes, the ship will respawn with one less level than before the explosion.

A ship can be sped up or slowed down by pressing Start and then pressing left or right to increase or decrease ship speed. This can be very helpful in a tight squeeze. 
The ship may also take on a variety of shooting styles that will be described further in the next section. 

Shooting Styles

The player can choose different styles of shooting on the fly using buttons A or C (by default). These buttons can be changed in the options menu. The styles are as follows:


The ship fires a barrage of fire in one direction forward. This leads to maximum damage to obstacles or enemies in front of the ship, but leaves the back vulnerable to attack. 

An example of the backwards shooting style 
An example of the backwards shooting style 


 The ship fires a single stream of bullets forward and sends most of its firepower backwards. As power levels increase, these shots are able to richochet off walls or obstacles.


The ship fires a single stream of bullets forward while firing missles or bomblike objects up and down, effectively preventing any enemies or projectiles from striking from above or below. As levels increase, the projectiles fired by the ship are able to move along walls until an enemy or obstacle can be hit.


Round 1: An outer space battle begins. The ship must overcome a line of missile launchers and defeat the first boss. 

Round 2: An alien battleship must be defeated.

Round 3: The ship scales a giant vertical structure and must defeat the structure's mainframe at the top.

Round 4: The ship has entered an alien world. A mechanical robot boss must be defeated.  

Round 5: An electrical world that houses many strange electrical enemies including a long-armed electrostatic mini-boss and a mechanical boss.

Round 6: The ship must battle a gigantic eye monster.

Round 7: The ship must battle a giant green brained monster with dangerous claws.

Round 8: The final battle over a planet that closely resembles Earth. The final boss takes on two forms and must be fought twice.

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