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    Elite Four

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    The Elite Four are the ruling council of the Pokémon League, the fifth-through-second-best Pokémon Trainers in a region, with only the Champion being stronger. Each regional league of the Pokémon World has their own Elite Four.

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    Pokémon Leagues

    Indigo League (Kanto and Johto)


    • Lorelei: Ice-type specialist
    • Bruno: Fighting type specialist
    • Agatha: Ghost-type specialist
    • Lance: Dragon-type specialist


    • Will: Psychic-type specialist
    • Bruno: Fighting-type specialist
    • Koga: Poison-type specialist
    • Karen: Dark-type specialist

    Hoenn League

    Sinnoh League

    • Aaron: Bug-type specialist
    • Bertha: Ground-type specialist
    • Flint: Fire-type specialist
    • Lucian: Psychic-type specialist

    Unova League

    • Shauntal: Ghost-type specialist
    • Grimsley: Dark-type specialist
    • Caitlin: Psychic-type specialist
    • Marshal: Fighting-type specialist

    Kalos League

    • Wikstrom: Steel-type specialist
    • Malva: Fire-type specialist
    • Drasna: Dragon-type specialist
    • Siebold: Water-type specialist

    Alola League

    • Hala: Fighting-type specialist (S/M) / Molayne: Steel-type specialist (US/UM)
    • Olivia: Rock-type specialist
    • Acerola: Ghost-type specialist
    • Kahili: Water-type specialist

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