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    Eliwood, father of Roy, is the protagonist of "Fire Emblem", prequel to the Japan-only "Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword".

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    Eliwood first appears in Fire Emblem: Fuin no Tsurugi, being the father of Roy, the main character of the game. He is unlockable as a playable character and is a Paladin.

    Eliwood is the main character in the prequel Fire Emblem and one of the 3 playable Lords in the game.

    Eliwood also makes an appearance in Fire Emblem: Awakening as a recruitable Spotpass character. He can also be seen as an enemy unit or ally unit in some of the DLC maps.

    Being one of the first main characters in the first Fire Emblem title to be released outside of Japan, Eliwood is one of the most recognized characters in the franchise and the very first main character in the series to be officially presented in the West.


    "I haven't forgotten. I'll never forget. It was my mistake that killed Ninian. Because of that... I will fight. I will not run away and hide in sorrow... I'm going to put an end to all of this!" -- Eliwood, when fighting Nergal in Eliwood's tale.

    Eliwood is a just and honorable noble, hesitant to kill those he believes to be not truly evil. Eliwood is also much more expressive than his friend, Hector. While Hector may be blunt most of the time, he does refrain from doing what he'd normally do in some situations. Eliwood is straightforward in a very different way, practically wearing his heart on his sleeve. And that is why his knights worry about him. Eliwood is fairly naive, most likely due to his lack of traveling, and will sometimes try to talk things out with enemies - who want nothing more than to kill him - instead of fighting. His innocence does lower somewhat through his experiences fighting the Black Fang and confronting Zephiel's corrupt family, and yet he will still trust a deadly assassin he's barely met based on a little girl's word. While Eliwood may be soft-hearted, he still has sound judgment, much like his father. Eliwood also has a strong devotion to his family, as proven when he instructs Isadora to stay at the castle to protect his mother and when he hires a mercenary group to help his son in a war.


    Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi

    Eliwood is first seen when his castle is under siege by a group of bandits. He is inside attempting to protect Lilina despite his illness. When Roy arrives with his group, they manage to kill off the bandits and reunite with Eliwood. He knows that he'll only be a burden to Roy in his condition, so he sends his son to Ostia after hiring a group of mercenaries to strengthen his son's forces.

    Fire Emblem

    Role in Lyn's Story

    Eliwood makes his first appearance in chapter seven, "Siblings Abroad." Lyn and Nils wonder if the strange group had run off with Ninian when he arrives with the unconscious girl, asking the two if she was who they were looking for. As Nils goes to see if she's in good health, Eliwood introduces himself to Lyn and explains that he saw the girl with a band of ruffians, and that she seemed distressed. He wonders if it was wrong to jump to conclusions, but Lyn assures him that he saved her life. Lyn then explains her story, and Eliwood sincerely believes her without any further explanation. Because he knew her grandfather, she has his eyes, and he was told that Sacaens are too proud to ever lie. Lyn thanks him for his kindness, and he offers his help to her. She declines, however, because she is too proud, it is her problem, and she doesn't want him to get hurt in the crossfire. Eliwood then tells her that he'll still be in the area should she ever have need of him. He appears again in chapter nine, "A Grim Reunion." Lundgren has rallied Caelin's neighbors against the "impostors" and should they act on it, Lyn will never reach Caelin alive. Learning this, Eliwood manages to convince Caelin's neighbors to remain neutral in Caelin's affairs, meaning that he will have to not take sides either. Lyn thanks him even if he doesn't know if it will be enough, and he prays for her success.

    Role in Eliwood/Hector's Story

    Eliwood is on a quest to save his father, Lord Elbert - marquess of Pherae - who was kidnapped by Nergal. Should the player have created a tactician, Eliwood will meet said tactician when Lowen brings him or her from the village where he rescues Rebecca. The tactician will then join Eliwood offering his or her advice. Along the way, the red-haired lord will meet his good friend, Hector, who will scold him for not telling him that his father disappeared. Eliwood says that Hector should be supporting his older brother, Uther, but Hector waves him off. With Hector (and Hector's servants who have to keep an eye on Uther's younger blue-haired brother) on board, they eventually find Lyn as her castle is under siege. After recapturing Lyn's castle and saving her grandfather, Lyn offers her assistance in his quest. Leila, an Ostian spy, then informs them of what she's found out.

    They then request help from Port Badon in getting to the Dread Isle, where Eliwood's father is kept. Fargus agrees to help them if they pass a game of his, and they are off to Valor. They find Ninian on the way there. When they land, they are greeted by Leila's corpse. Matthew goes to bury her and comes back to find Eliwood's group attacked by a member of the original Black Fang, Uhai. After defeating the nomad, Uhai tells them where to find the Dragon's Gate. On their way there, Ninian is captured, and Eliwood's group is forced to face Lord Darin in order to gain entrance. Upon his defeat, they go through to meet Nergal as he uses Ninian to summon a Fire Dragon. Luckily, Nils is able to break Ninian from her trance, and they manage to escape. Unfortunately, Eliwood's father has reached his limit and dies in his son's arms.

    When they reach Badon, they try to figure out where to go from here as Eliwood continues to mourn. Hector gets Lyn and Nils to go outside with him, so that Eliwood can be alone. Ninian is still inside, however, and has a meaningful conversation with him until they are attacked again. They head to Ostia to meet Hector's older brother, who tells them to find the "Living Legend." They find themselves in the Nabata Desert next trying to aid Pent, a sage. They meet the "Living Legend," the Archsage Athos, who sends them back to Lycia to defeat Nergal. After staying a night in Pherae, due to Eleanora's insistence, they journey to Bern.

    Depending on certain conditions, either Lloyd or Linus will attack the lords with a group of Black Fang members. After the defeat of one of them, Eliwood will attempt to talk things out with either Lloyd or Linus and will end up taken hostage by one of them. With some diplomacy, they let him go and question Sonia's motives. As the lords go spy on King Desmond of Bern, either Lloyd or Linus get killed by Limstella. Either Lloyd or Linus will find his brother dead, and not seeing Limstella, believe that it is Eliwood's doing and declare vengeance against the lord. When the lords leave Bern's castle, they are attacked by Vaida and the other wyvern knights of Bern. Pent then arrives with his wife, Louise, and he gives the lords a Heaven Seal.

    They drag the battle on long enough that Vaida must now flee. Lyn then tracks them down to their hideout. Depending on certain conditions, either Jerme or Kenneth will now face them. During the battle, they learn of the plot against Prince Zephiel. They escape the fortress and attempt to save Zephiel. After the prince is saved, Eliwood confronts Queen Hellene about her priorities. She then gives them a Heaven Seal and a map to the Shrine of Seals. Before they can get there, they are attacked by Sonia. After her defeat, they continue on to the Shrine of Seals, but are now attacked by the Reed brother that was not fought previously. After his defeat, they continue on.

    On the way there, Athos takes them to see Bramimond, and they convince Bramimond to release the seals when the dark mage notes how similar Eliwood's eyes are to "him." After they leave Bramimond to talk to Athos, Nergal attempts to capture Ninian and Nils once again. Ninian, however, goes along with him willingly to assure her brother's safety. The lords press on to the Shrine of Seals. To defeat Nergal, Eliwood receives Durandal, a legendary sword which was used by Roland, the founder of Lycia, for completing a difficult trial. Once they leave, however, they encounter an Ice Dragon. Influenced by the Durandal, Eliwood's arm moves on its own and slays the dragon in one blow. Nergal appears to flaunt his power and reveal the identity of the Ice Dragon.

    Ninian was that dragon. They return to Ostia to help Nils cope with his sister's death, and Eliwood also mourns his loss. They are attacked again, and it is made clear that Nergal would not relent until the lords were dead. They go to Valor and break through Limstella's forces to face Nergal. After Nergal is defeated, three Fire Dragons have made their way into the world. Bramimond then appears and resurrects Ninian, who manages to send two of them back through the gate before collapsing. Eliwood and the others then defeat the Fire Dragon. Ninian and Nils will go home through the Dragon's Gate, or Ninian will stay with Eliwood if they share an A support. The game will also give a portrait of Eliwood with the girl he shares an A support with.

    A year later, Eliwood will meet with either the tactician or Hector at his coronation ceremony. Eliwood will either be alone or with the girl he's marrying depending on supports. Eliwood can marry Lyn, Ninian, or Fiora. Three years later, Eliwood will meet with Hector again. They talk about their concerns over Bern and introduce their children to each other. As his son runs off to play with Hector's daughter, the two pray they are wrong about the ominous feeling they've got.


    Eliwood has a total of seven supports: Hector, Lyn, Ninian, Marcus, Lowen, Harken, and Fiora.

    In his conversation with Hector, the lord will ask him how he is faring. Eliwood will reply that he is doing fine, but before Hector can leave, the red-haired lord will ask him what he wanted. The other lord was just concerned considering Eliwood is not used to travel and will probably overdo it. Possibly bothered that he had just been called weak no matter how unintentional it was, Eliwood warns Hector about his own recklessness. Then they talk about how matches they've had and how Eliwood won most of them. And Eliwood makes it clear that he is right by pointing out Hector's lack of mathematical skills. When next they meet, Hector tells Eliwood about a dream he had that has been bothering him lately. A blue-haired man with a beard, and a little blue-haired girl riding on his shoulders calling him "Father." Eliwood teases him about it being his future which shocks Hector. Later in the dream, the girl gets taken away by a Pheraen red-haired boy, which makes Hector declare "I'll not give up my daughter!" When next they meet, Eliwood asks Hector if he remembers when they first met. They were children left in a room with the other lordlings while their parents swore their Lycian oaths. They made an oath back then, too. Was that why Hector came to help him? They then promise each other that they'll stay alive.

    In his conversation with Lyn, he trains with a sword not knowing that she is watching until she says his name. After complimenting him on his skill, Lyn asks him where he learned the style. Eliwood explains that he learned the basics from his father, expanded from there with Marcus, and spars with Hector every two months. Upon hearing the word, "spar," Lyn offers a match. When next they meet, Lyn asks Eliwood how much he knows about the other lords in Lycia, particularly any female lords that like sparring. To her disappointment, Eliwood says that he's only seen other female lords in banquets because most of them don't really leave the castle. Lyn mentions that she wanted to befriend a female lord that could teach her to be more ladylike. She then asks Eliwood to teach her to be more like a lady, much to Eliwood's incredulity("You think I know?!") She amends that she wished she were more like her mother, gentle and beautiful. Eliwood tells her that he thinks she's beautiful which flusters her, but he meant that her swordplay was beautiful, which probably embarrassed her more. When next they meet, Lyn tells Eliwood to teach her manners and be more like a noble. He tells her that's it's silly. She is strong and proud, and she should just be herself. Flustered again, she mentions that she used to despise nobility. Of course, that changed when she met him.

    For Eliwood's support with Ninian, look at Ninian's page under the header "Supports." Ninian only has three supports, so it should not be hard to find.

    In his conversation with Marcus, the knight will ask how he is faring and that Eliwood should just stay back, so that the knights can take care of the enemy. The lord will refuse since the battles are also his responsibility. Marcus will concede that Eliwood has grown, but then he will start to reminisce about how Eliwood used to follow him around everywhere when he was little. Eliwood will then yell at him to stop. When next they meet, Marcus will tell Eliwood how much the lord's grown to be like his father. Eliwood believes that Pherae is able to exist peacefully because of Marcus, but his knight tells him that it's just a knight's responsibility. He served Lord Elbert, so too does he now serve Elbert's son, Eliwood. When next they meet, Marcus is wounded, but saves his concern only for Eliwood. The lord then tells him that he has to live too because who would protect his future son and Lady Eleanora if he were to fall? Marcus then tells Eliwood his hope for the future, for Eliwood to find a wife and lead Pherae. Come to think of it, Elbert was engaged to Eleanora at Eliwood's age. Marcus then declares that he will find Eliwood a suitable wife, much to Eliwood's shock.

    In his conversation with Lowen, the knight asks Eliwood for forgiveness. Confused, Eliwood has no time to say anything before Lowen asks the lord if he has eaten breakfast. He has not because he was busy and forgot, and Lowen berates himself for oversleeping and not cooking. He then recites a proverb that Eliwood has never heard before and rushes off to get food for his lord; Eliwood pleading him to wait. When next they meet, Eliwood asks about Lowen's health since the knight collapsed. Lowen had not eaten breakfast. Eliwood starts to feel a bit faint, so Lowen realizes that Eliwood has not eaten breakfast either, and the knight again rushes off to procure food. When next they meet, Eliwood has eaten breakfast. The lord then asks Lowen why an esquire would prepare food. It turns out Lowen's father cooked for Eliwood's grandfather and father until he threw his back out, so Lowen took over because the lords had favored his father's cooking. Eliwood hadn't been eating lately, but did eat more whenever Lowen cooked, so that's why. Eliwood tries to apologize for giving him more responsibilities, but Lowen dismisses it. They are happy when their lord is healthy.

    In his conversation with Harken, the hero attempts to convince Eliwood to stay out of the fight. It is about as effective as Marcus' attempt. Harken is comforted by the fact that Eliwood is capable of defending himself, but still concerned nonetheless. When next they meet, Harken again attempts to convince Eliwood to stay out of the fight. It is again about as effective as his last attempt. Eliwood asks Harken to protect Lady Eleanora if he were to fall, but Harken cannot do that. He has already failed to protect Elbert, should he fail to protect Eliwood too, he has no right to appear before Eleanora and must die. When next they meet, Eliwood apologizes for being selfish (which Harken attempts to deny) but he has something he needs to do. For that, he will live and come home. Harken again tries to get Eliwood to stay out of the fight, but Eliwood tells him that Harken has to live too. If Harken wants to protect him, then he must not go so far as to fall and not complete his mission. Anything less would displease him, his mother, and Lord Elbert. Harken yields, and promises Eliwood that he will live through this.

    In his conversation with Fiora, Eliwood asks the mercenary how she is faring. At Fiora's formal address, he tells her to treat him like her equal since they are friends. When she says nothing to his request, he asks her if she thinks he's naive. She says that she never thought any lordling could think like that for so long. When next they meet, Eliwood asks her about Florina. Fiora says that Ilia does not have much other than mercenary work, so she and Florina had little choice. Eliwood recalls something his father told him about Ilia, and he believes that Fiora should not fall and end with nothing. She tells him the same. When next they meet, Eliwood tells her to rest. Fiora states that she reflects the actions of Ilia, so she must fight harder for the sake of her home. He tells her that if she were to die or not find happiness, then no one would be happy. She is surprised since no one ever told her something like that. Before she leaves, he asks her - if she would let him - if he could stay by her side and protect her.


    In Fuuin no Tsurugi, Eliwood starts off as a level twenty Paladin. He is a second and final tier class at the highest level possible and as such, has reached his "ceiling." Eliwood is one of the few units in the game who has not only seemingly maintained his strength from the prequel, but also appears to be stronger than his younger self.

    In Lyn's story, Eliwood is most likely a lord even if his data is not viewable. He isn't a playable character, and there are no Heaven Seals, so he cannot promote.

    In Eliwood's story, Eliwood starts off as a level one lord. He only promotes to Knight Lord at the end of Chapter 27. He will then receive a white horse and can now use lances at D rank. His movement is also upgraded since he has a horse now.

    In Hector's story, Eliwood still starts off as a level one lord. He can promote in Chapter 26 or 28 when the player receives a Heaven Seal, and he is level ten or higher. It is recommended that he be level twenty.

    Strangely, Eliwood becomes left-handed when he promotes. Eliwood also has a unique attack animation when he is a Knight Lord and wields the Durandal. He also has a unique song that plays during the attack animation. When Eliwood is not a Knight Lord and wields the Durandal, he does not get a unique attack animation, but the song will still play.

    In Awakening, Eliwood can be recruited as a Spotpass character. Should the player choose to recruit him by gold, his hiring price is 19100. He will start as a level twenty Paladin. His skillset is that of cavaliers who promote into the Paladin class, and he also has the 'Swordfaire' skill which is unique to the Swordmaster class. With a second seal, he can change into any class gender permitting.

    Unit Data

    Fire Emblem

    Base Stats

    • Starting class: Lord
    • Affinity: Anima
    • HP: 18
    • Strength/Magic: 5
    • Skill: 5
    • Speed: 7
    • Luck: 7
    • Defense: 5
    • Resistance: 0
    • Constitution: 7
    • Movement: 5
    • Weapon grade: Swords - D

    Growth Rates

    • Health: 80%
    • Strength/Magic: 45%
    • Skill: 50%
    • Speed: 40%
    • Luck: 45%
    • Defense: 30%
    • Resistance: 35%

    Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi

    After clearing the game five times, Eliwood becomes playable in trial maps.

    Base Stats

    • Starting class: Paladin
    • Affinity: Unchanged (Anima)
    • HP: 48
    • Strength/Magic: 25
    • Skill: 20
    • Speed: 22
    • Luck: 14
    • Defense: 24
    • Resistance: 15
    • Constitution: 11
    • Movement: 8
    • Weapon grade: Swords - A, Lances -S, Axes - C

    Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Base Stats

    • Starting class: Paladin
    • HP: 61
    • Strength: 35+5
    • Magic: 12
    • Skill: 36
    • Speed: 36
    • Luck: 32
    • Defense: 33
    • Resistance: 20
    • Movement: 8
    • Weapon grade: Swords - A and Lances - B


    Eliwood has a total of 4 alternate endings in Fire Emblem:

    • Normal: Eliwood succeeded his father as the Marquess of Pherae. His sincerity and his clear guidance made him his father's equal in all eyes.
    • Eliwood/Lyn: The marquess of Pherae and the princess of Caelin were wed after the conflict. All of Lycia was in an uproar, but none could sunder their bond of love. They have a son named Roy, who will become a great hero.
    • Eliwood/Ninian: Eliwood and Ninian were wed after the conflict. Ninian gave up her old life and her people to enjoy a brief life with Eliwood. They have a son named Roy, who will one day take up arms to defend his nation.
    • Eliwood/Fiora: Eliwood and Fiora were wed after the conflict. A group of Lycian nobles protested that she was a mercenary, but none could sunder their bond of love. They have a son named Roy who will become a great hero.

    Other appearances

    Eliwood is a sticker in Super Smash Brothers Brawl. His sticker adds 33 points resistance to flame in the Subspace Emissary. He is only usable to Marth and Ike. The image is that of his stance in the promotional art of his game.

    As stated before, Eliwood makes several appearances in Fire Emblem: Awakening's DLC. He appears as an enemy unit in Champions of Yore 2, Champions of Yore 3, Smash Brethren 2, Smash Brethren 3, Rogues and Redeemers 2, and Rogues and Redeemers 3. The only time he appears as an allied unit is in Rogues and Redeemers 1.

    In the DLC, Eliwood will have conversations with certain units. One particular conversation is longer than the rest since it is an allied unit conversation. In Rogues and Redeemers 1, Eliwood will have a conversation with Yen'fay concerning the man's rather ghost-like presence.


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