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    Elizabeth Greene

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    Elizabeth Greene is a test subject held in custody by Blackwatch. Her transfer to the Gentek facility on Manhattan Island helps trigger the events that lead to disaster.

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    Elizabeth is the result of the experiments in Hope, Idaho. She has a highly unstable personality, either due to the virus or the cruel experiments she has suffered through.

    She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.



    Elizabeth moved to the small town of Hope, Idaho with her father in 1967, after her mother had left the family.

    She was, along with the other residents, a test subject for Blackwatch's Redlight Virus. The townsfolk agreed to the injections of the virus, as Blackwatch covered it as a hamless substance to test a solution for a nuclear contamination.

    The test subjects didn't show any signs of immediate changes or alterations, side-effects were non-existent. Their children however, manifested the effects of the virus and started dying and usually didn't get older than three years.

    Elizabeth Greene turned out to be the perfect host for the Redlight Virus, and her child, Pariah, was the only one of the Hope Children that survived.

    Greene did not only withstand the virus, but her body produced fourteen new genetic strains of the virus, and she stopped aging completely.

    The Outbreak

    In 1968, Elizabeth Greene's experience with the virus rendered her able to control and manipulate it, turning most of the residents of Hope, Idaho into mutated infected protecting her.

    Greene after giving birth to Pariah.
    Greene after giving birth to Pariah.

    Blackwatch had figured out that Greene was responsible for the outbreak and ordered Captain Peter Randall to capture her. Randall and his team managed to break into the town and locate Greene, who had taken refuge inside the town's hospital, giving birth to her son, later codenamed Pariah.

    Greene and her child were taken by Blackwatch, and the rest of the town was destroyed, covering up the incident as local riots.

    Property of Blackwatch

    Greene spent the following years as a test subject for various Blackwatch projects, being held captive in different of their research bases.

    In 1989, she became the main subject for Project Blacklight, a research project on which Alex Mercer worked on alongside Karen Parker and other promising students for the next ten years in New York City. However, Mercer got suspicious, discovered Greenes involvement and confronted his superiors.

    As he further investigated Greene's fate and discovered what he was really doing, he stole a vial of the virus. He was pursued by Blackwatch and broke the vial when cornered, releasing the virus at Penn Station.

    When an amnesiac Mercer broke into the Gentek facility to get answers from Greene, she used this oppurtunity to escape.

    The Second Outbreak

    Greene started to infect New York City with her own strain of the virus at a rapid phase. She hid in a core hive from where she controled the infected. She ordered one of her creations, a leader hunter, to kidnap Alex' sister Dana. Mercer managed to save his sister and defeated Greene for the time being, but she escaped and hid under the city.

    Greene is confronted by Mercer.
    Greene is confronted by Mercer.

    Mercer lured her out by pumping Bloodtox into the underground, a red vapor which damages those infected with the virus. But due to the effects of the substance, Greene mutates into a giant biomass monster.

    She is defeated und consumed by Alex Mercer, revealing the last clues about the Hope incident in the process.


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