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    She resides with Igor in the Velvet Room in Persona 3, where she manages the player's Persona Compendium, as well as giving the player special requests to be rewarded with items. She is also an optional super-boss in the game.

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    Elizabeth is one of the mysterious characters introduced in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. Being a resident of the Velvet Room, she resides with her master, Igor, who is in charge of fusing Personae for the protagonist, while she is responsible for watching over the Persona Compendium. The player also has the opportunity to complete Elizabeth's requests, for which she will provide various rewards. If the player meets certain conditions while playing through the game for a second time, she can be fought as an optional boss. Despite not being able to establish a Social Link with her, Minato can date her in the FES version of the game, showing her true feelings to him as he spends time with her. She is also a capable Persona-user, able to switch Personae during battle just like Minato.

    In Persona 4, she is replaced by a woman named Margaret, who is eventually revealed to be Elizabeth's sister. In the game, she mentions Elizabeth, saying that she left her place in the Velvet Room seeking a way to free Persona 3's protagonist from the Great Seal he used to protect humanity.

    Persona 3 Portable

    In Persona 3 Portable for the PSP, Elizabeth appears in in the same capacity as before. However, if the player chooses to play as the female protagonist, the option is given to play through the game with a male attendant named Theodore, instead. The male protagonist is not given this option and will continue to be assisted by Elizabeth.

    Persona 4 Arena

    Elizabeth appears in Persona 4 Arena as a playable character. In the game, her Persona is Thanatos and her weapon is a Persona Compendium. She has come to the TV world and intruded on the P-1 Grand Prix in her continuing search of a way to retrieve Persona 3's protagonist from his seal by permanently erasing Erebus from existence. She is not bound by the rules of the tournament, allowing her to come and go as she pleases regardless of whether she wins or loses.

    She resolves to acquire "the power of not being alone" and in turn becomes a Wild Card user, granted to her from an arcana card of the The Fool that descended to her in the shape of a butterfly.

    Move List

    Furious Action

    • Shuffle Time (B + D): Elizabeth moves forward with invulnerable frames and performs a throw on the opponent that deals no damage. Depending on the amount of SP Elizabeth has, the opponent will then be inflicted with a certain status effect.


    • Maziodyne (236A or B) [SB / AIR / P]: Thanatos fires a large, horizontal, purple beam of electricity towards the enemy.
    • Mabufudyne (214A or B) [SB / P]: Fragments of ice are launched towards the opponent in an upward, diagonal direction and the opponent is inflicted with freeze if hit.
    • Magarudyne (236C or D) [SB / AIR / P]: Thanatos carries Elizabeth in a green gust of wind. Elizabeth's direction can be influenced while performing this skill.
    • Maragidyne (214C or D) [SB / P]: Columns of blue flame rush towards the opponent either from the front or from the back depending on which button is pressed to perform the skill.

    SP Skills

    • Mind Charge (236236A or B): Elizabeth converts her health into SP to automatically go into her Awakening mode. The health converted this way become blue health.
    • Mahamaon (236236C) [P]: Thanatos creates a Hamaon circle underneath him that takes 10 seconds to activate. If the opponent is in this circle when it activates, they automatically lose all of their health. If Elizabeth is hit or blocks an attack, the circle disappears.
    • Mamudoon (236236D) [P]: Elizabeth places a Mudoon circle in the air that activates and shoots dark fog after 10 seconds. If the opponent is in the air and in range of this circle when it activates, they automatically lose all of their health. If Elizabeth is hit or blocks an attack, the circle disappears.

    Awakened SP Skills

    • Diarahan (214214A or B): Elizabeth recovers 20% of her HP.
    • Ghastly Wail (214214C or D) [P]: Elizabeth summons Thanatos to perform a command grab. If the grab is successful, the opponent receives significant damage and is inflicted with the fear status effect.

    Instant Kill

    • Megidolaon (222C + D) [P]: When hit while performing this, Elizabeth will imprison her opponent with tarot cards and launch some at them as well. Thanatos then performs Megidolaon, which causes a huge explosion of energy from above.

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