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    Ellen Anders

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    Professor Ellen Anders is a civilian researcher and crew member of the UNSC Spirit of Fire. She is one of the three UNSC leader characters in Halo Wars.

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    Pre-Halo Wars

    Ellen was born in the year 2504 on the colony world of Arcadia. Anders is not her actual surname but one her mother wished her to use as a career name. She studied under Doctor Catherine Halsey, creator of the Spartan-IIs, although both Anders and Halsey apparently harbored a strong dislike for each other. In early 2531 Anders gave a lecture on Theoretical Xenobiology at Rishard University. Around this time she was approached my a mysterious man who told her Halsey had recommended her for some kind of consultation. Anders replied saying that there must have been a mistake as Halsey and herself were not on speaking terms, at which point the man forced her into a car which quickly sped off. The man was revealed to be an ONI agent and much to the anger of Anders had taken her to a secret location. ONI agents presented Anders with images of the Covenant and information on intercepted Covenant communications involving a specific planet which intrigued Anders and led to her making the decision to assist ONI in determining what the Covenant were searching for on the planet. She was given unlimited access to ONI equipment and both herself and the equipment were classified. Anders traveled aboard the UNSC Last Gleaming to the Epsilon Indi System to review the data on the Covenant and determined that the Covenant were not only attempting to search for something but also to conceal something else.   


    Halo Wars

    Anders was transferred to the UNSC Spirit of Fire where she chose to use the observation deck as a laboratory, claiming it added perspective to her work.  She was assigned Sergeant John Forge as a bodyguard, however Anders did not initially enjoy the company of Forge who frequently used foul language and had a gruff personality, but she later warmed to him, noticing his consideration for those around him.  

    After discovering unusual electromagnetic readings coming from the North Pole of colony world Harvest, a group of Hornets were dispatched to the planet at Anders' request. A large group of Elites who had gained access to some kind of ancient structure were uncovered and Anders decided to investigate personally on the planet's surface, despite the disapproval of Forge. Spirit of Fire captain, James Cutter, approved the mission on the condition that Anders be pulled out at the first sign of danger. Inside the structure they discovered a Forerunner map of the galaxy, somewhat to Anders' surprise, however they were ambushed by Covenant and had to be extracted by UNSC forces. Anders deduced that the map had directed the Covenant towards Arcadia and the Spirit of Fire traveled to Arcadia in pursuit of them. 
    One particular mission on the surface of Arcadia was led by Anders and involved the strategic placement of a small number of plasma-firing Rhinos so that their weaponry could be used to break through a massive Covenant energy shield. The shield was revealed to be covering a complex of ancient Forerunner ruins and the construction site of a particularly powerful Scarab Tank. The forces of the Spirit of Fire destroyed the Scarab, but during an investigation of the site Forge and Anders were confronted by Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee who wished to kidnap Anders so that the Prophet of Regret may use her to help the Covenant in acquiring the technologies of a Forerunner Shield World. Forge confronted the Arbiter who came close to killing him but Anders managed to make a deal with the Arbiter, saying she would go with him willingly if he spared Forge's life. 
    Encouraged by Forge, Cutter tracked Anders' signal to the Forerunner Shield World where the Covenant were holding her captive. The Arbiter used Anders to activate the fleet of Forerunner warships within the Shield World (as only a human could do this, being that humanity is the species the Forerunner intended to pass their legacy onto) but while the Covenant were distracted by the activating ships, she used a teleportation pad to teleport herself to the worlds surface. On the surface she was immediately approached by Flood Infection Forms who attempted to attack her but were killed by the nearby Sgt. Forge. Anders and Forge made their way to a landing zone where they were extracted and returned to the Spirit of Fire. 
    In an attempt to stop the Covenant from utilizing the fleet of powerful Forerunner warships they were in possession of, Anders devised a plan which involved bringing the Spirit of Fire's faster-than-light reactor into contact with the Shield World's sun, causing a supernova which would destroy the Shield World. Despite complications, the FTL drive was impacted with the sun, escorted by Forge, who died in the resulting explosion, while the Spirit of Fire was able to narrowly escape. The Spirit of Fire began the long journey back to civilization, with no means of faster-than-light travel and two weeks after the destruction of the Shield World Cutter forced Anders into cryo-stasis. Just before Anders was frozen she reminded Cutter that not everyone had survived the events on the Shield World. The ultimate fate of Anders and the rest of the crew of the Spirit of Fire is unknown. 


    When Anders is used as the leader character in Halo Wars the player can deploy a unique unit called the Gremlin, it is a ground vehicle which has an EMP cannon which can momentarily immobilize and incapacitate enemy vehicles. When using Anders there is the option to upgrade Hornets to Hawks as well as the option to apply an upgrade called 'economy bonus' which reduces upgrade costs by 50% and research times by 75%. Anders' leader power is the 'cryo-bomb' which is a wide-area attack which freezes in place all units caught in the attack. 


    • Anders has an IQ of 180
    • Anders has always dreamed of being an AI
    • Anders likes neatness and tidiness but despises disorder. For this reason she has a habit of finishing unfinished jigsaw puzzles
    • Anders suspects that her mother may have been the one who arranged her recommendation to ONI
    • The fact that Anders entered the cryo-pod at the end of Halo Wars fully clothed means she will endure 'freezer burn' while in cryo-stasis. Freezer burn is a blistering and inflammation of the skin caused by clothing or other materials being in contact with the skin during cryo-stasis and causing cellular damage

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