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Ellen is an elderly villager throughout the series and the only one that's stationary for most of the game. Her sprite is on a rocking chair.

Game Appearances:

  • Harvest Moon 64 - Elli's biological grandmother and mother of the original bakery owner. She can be found in the bakery's garden on sunny days and inside of the bakery on rainy days. Should the protagonist approach her sprite when it is still (as opposed to rocking back and forth), a cutscene will occur saying that she passed away peacefully. It can be avoided by only interacting with her when the sprite is moving.
  • Harvest Moon: Back to Nature - Elli's and Stu's biological grandmother. She's usually cheerful but laments that she because of her bad legs, she can't help Elli with the housework or play with Stu. Other villagers often visit to keep her company.
  • Harvest Moon: Friends/More Friends of Mineral Town - Same role as "Back to Nature." If the protagonist gives her a ball of yarn in winter, she will knit a stocking for hanging.
  • Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - Same role as "Friends/More Friends of Mineral Town."

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