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Ellen Reid is a 22 years old university student, living in Dublin, protagonist in Folklore. One day, she receive a letter from a mysterious woman from Doolin who claim to be her long lost mother which she longed to meet, and thought her mother had abandoned her. Ellen was an orphan while she is still a child.

After receiving the letter, she came to Cliff of Sidhe, which is mentioned in the letter by the mysterious woman. While searching for the woman who claimed to to be her mother, she finally found the person who wrote the letter. Ellen is still unsure whether the woman is her mother. Suddenly a reporter named Keats appeared at the exact moment Ellen arrived. Keats questioning Ellen whether is she the person who made the phone call, which is claimed to be killed by someone at any moment. Ellen said no, and at the same time, the mysterious woman who waited at the edge of a cliff, suddenly falling off from the cliff where she sat. Panicked, Ellen rushed goes down to the shore where the mysterious woman fall.

While searching the mysterious woman, a woman named Suzette appeared and questioned Ellen what is she doing at the shore. Ellen answered in panicked voice that she is looking for her mother who fall of from the cliff and suddenly, Ellen pass out due to fatigue.

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