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    Ellie Langford

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    Ellie Langford is a principal character in the Dead Space series. She is a CEC Pilot, and one of the few survivors of the Sprawl Necromorph outbreak.

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    Ellie Langford is a non playable character in Dead Space 2 and 3; her likeness and voice are provided by Sonita Henry.

    Ellie Langford is a Class 4 Heavy Equipment Pilot for the Concordance Extraction Corporation and one of the very few survivors of a Necromorph attack aboard the space station known as The Sprawl. Isaac Clarke first encounters Ellie fighting off Necromorphs in the market district of the station when she shoots in his direction. Ellie appears distrusting of Isaac, saying that she had been betrayed by others in the Necromorph attack and after a short conversation tells Isaac not to follow her as he'll only slow her down. Isaac pursues her and they eventually become good allies, with Ellie taking care of mentally disturbed survivor of the attack Nolan Stross, while Isaac searches through the space station trying to find the means for their escape.

    Stross becomes increasingly mentally unstable, muttering about "the four steps" which later turn out to be the four necessary steps needed to operate the machine that will extract information about the Marker from Isaac's brain. Presumably in an attempt to invoke step three where the subject has the machine's needle enter their eyeball, Stross stabs a screwdriver into one of Ellie's eyes and removes it. Isaac kills Stross and eventually meets up with Ellie for their escape, but feeling guilt over the death of his girlfriend Nicole after he escaped the USG Ishimura in Dead Space 1 he sends Ellie away from the station in a gunship alone, despite her protests. After destroying the Marker which caused the Necromorph outbreak Isaac unexpectedly finds Ellie forcing her way back into the station to rescue him. Isaac manages to board her ship and together they escape.


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