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    Elm Street

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    Every town has an Elm Street--but not every town is haunted by the dream-dwelling spirit of a dead child killer. Ah, Elm Street...

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    A Nice Place To Visit

    Elm Street represents small town America: the simple life, lived by simple people. Beautiful homes, white fences, barking dogs, playing children--these things are the bricks by which Elm Street is built. Nearly every town in the United States is home to an Elm Street. However, only one Elm Street is home to infamous child killer Freddy Krueger.

    But You Wouldn't Want To Live (Or Sleep) There

    Freddy's reign of terror began on Elm Street with the murders of several children. Police captured Krueger, but he was ultimately released due to a botched arrest. Vengeful parents, angered by Krueger's release, tracked the killer down to his hideout. There, the parents burned Krueger alive, resting assured the madman would never harm another innocent soul. Sadly, Krueger's death was only the beginning.

    Freddy returned from the grave to haunt Elm Street's children, slaughtering them in what they thought was the safest of places: their dreams. 

    1428 Elm Street

    Elm Street's most famous residence, formerly the home of Freddy Krueger, and one-time home of Freddy's nemesis Nancy Thompson. Freddy's victims often dream of this house, just before Freddy forces them into his spectral boiler room.

    Gaming History

    Players of A Nightmare on Elm Street will visit the titular street, searching its homes for the bones of Freddy Krueger so that he may be properly laid to rest. The Elm Street of the video game is quite different from the film incarnation, in that the sunny and beautiful day-time appearance of the filmic street is replaced with a spooky, cemetery-esque ghost town. Players will encounter several homes that resemble 1428, but none of these houses seems to be the real thing.

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