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    Elona is a continent in the world of Tyria. Guild Wars Nightfall takes players across Elona.

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    Elona thrives in a realm surrounded by savannahs, deserts, plains, and wastelands. Three allied provinces stand side by side to support this proud nation. To the west is Istan, an island province littered with the ruins of an earlier Elonian empire. To the east is Kourna, known for its fiercely loyal soldiers, dedicated army, expansive estates, and agriculture. The northern province of Vabbi is home to wealthy merchant princes, a land where successful Elonians believe their safety, security, and affluence allow them to sponsor many of their nation’s greatest achievements. Despite occasional rivalries, these three provinces:Istan, Kourna, and Vabbi.  Elona has been prosperous and strong for over a thousand years.


    Elona is split into 3 vaste provinces or regions:

    • Istan 

      Istan is an island to the Southwest of Istan, This island is home of Order of the Sunspears and considered the Land of Heroes. The great Kamadan, Jewel of Istan is the main City of Istan because of its port which is the landfall for many ships from all around the world. This island also contains many ancient monuments from the old Elonan Empire.
    • Vabbi

      Full of majestic buildings and great beauty, This province lies in the more northern part of elona. It is surrounded by mountains and many gem mines.
    • Kourna

      Kourna is said to be the heart of Elona, with shores near the south and Mountains and desert at the top. There is also a river called the Elon running through this region. Kourna has its very own army led by Varesh Ossa.


    Elona's calendar starts from after the Dynastic Reckoning (DR) 

    1335 DR - Vabbi, Istan, and Kourna fall to Palawa Joko (approx).
    1275 DR - Present Day in Nightfall. The ascension of Kormir, and the Human defeat of Abaddon. Palawa Joko is set free from imprisonment.
    1272 DR - The Lich Lord attempts to open the Door of Komalie. Shiro unleashes plague in Cantha.
    1270 DR - End of the Guild Wars. Charr invade human kingdoms. The Searing ravages Tyria.
    1258 DR - Kintah dies and is succeeded by his son Kisu, who becomes the 31st Canthan emperor.
    1216 DR - Second Great Corsair War ends with Seamarshal Matoha's defeat of Lady Glaive's Armada. Istan established as maritime power.
    1213 DR - The Guild Wars begin in Ascalon.
    1182 DR - Second Great Corsair War begins.
    1140 DR - Cantha's embassies formally closed in Ascalon City and Elona. Corsair activity rises as a result of this.
    1100 DR - Successful merchant Amaki Voss establishes herself as the clanmarshal for life of the city of Makuun, becoming the first "prince" of Vabbi.
    1099 DR - Great Fortress of Jahai established at the Grand Cataract.
    1074 DR - Istan and Vabbi restore their clanmarshals. Kourna retains warmarshal ruler, Kunai Ossa. While Kunai Ossa refuses the Dynastic Crown, all warmarshals of Kourna are from the Ossa clan.
    1068 DR - Turai Ossa leads the Great Pilgrimage into the Crystal Desert.
    1062 DR - Turai Ossa defeats Palawa Joko at the Battle of Jahai.
    1060 DR - Nolani is founded. Palawa Joko invades Elona, captures most of the Northern Province, earns the sobriquet "Scourge of Vabbi."
    1051 DR - Lord Ordan becomes first mortal to enter the Rift.
    957 DR - Palawa Joko builds his Bone Palace in the Desolation.
    912 DR - First of the Great Corsair Wars.
    840 DR - Last of the Shattered Dynasties collapse. Elona emerges as three allied provinces--Kourna, Istan, and Vabbi.
    783 DR - Collapse of the Great Dynasty. Start of the Pretender Wars and the Shattered Dynasty Era.
    720 DR - First new settlements in the Istan Islands.
    656 DR - End of the Plague Years. Admun Kolos takes the throne, founding the Great Dynasty.
    652 DR - Scarab Plague  sweeps through Elona, decimates the population, and wipes out the Royal House. Istan abandoned. End of the Primeval Kings.
    524 DR - First mention of organized corsair activities in the Dynastic records. Monument building common in Istan and Kourna.
    472 DR - Glint compiles the Flameseeker Prophecies.
    421 DR - Cantha begins trading with Tyria, Elona, and the northern areas.
    374 DR - Serpents (The Forgotten) leave the world of men, settling in the Crystal Desert.
    229 DR - Primeval Kings spread their rule into Vabbi and the Desolation, and begin to bury their dead rulers in tombs in the Crystal Desert.
    199 DR - The five gods forge the bloodstones to control magic. The Crystal Desert is formed and the Desolation created. Margonite civilization collapses. The five gods leave the physical world.
    201 DR - Gods give magic to the races of the physical world.
    25 DR - Margonite settlements appear along coastlines north and west of Elona. Margonite vessels role the Unending Ocean.
    0 DR - First of the Primeval Kings rules Elona from the city of Fahranur in Istan. Start of Dynastic Reckoning (DR).
    -5 DR - Humans appear on the islands of Istan, in the valley of Elona, and on the northern continent of Tyria.

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