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Bowie and the Shining Force first encounter Elric surrounded by monsters in Harpy's Pond. He has fallen into a trap and is soon to be devoured by his captors. After rescuing the elf, he joins the Shining Force in thanks. He is in a relationship with fellow Shining Force member Janet.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Elric is a strong ranged attacker. He will be the first dedicated physical ranged character who joins the group since May and not being a centaur, he has a more standard movement range. He can be promoted to sniper, or brass gunner if you use the silver tank on him. If promoted to brass gunner, he loses 1 to his movement, but gains a large amount of defense.


Pre-Promotion: Archer (ACHR)


  • Sniper (SNIP)
  • Brass Gunner (BRGN) with the Silver Tank

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