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    Ema Skye

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    Ema Skye is a character in both Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. In Phoenix Wright, she's a high school junior who aspires to be a scientific investigator. While in Apollo she's become a detective disappointed in her job.

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    Ema Skye is the younger sister of Lana Skye and first appears in the last case of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, made specially for the DS re-release. During this case, Ema helps Phoenix Wright investigate the case in which her sister has been accused of murder. She does this by applying her scientific techniques such as fingerprinting and using luminol fluid for identifying blood stains. Both these features make use of the NDS touch-screen.

    Ema Skye returns seven years later in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, and has, true to her word, become a fully fledged detective. She is often seen with a bag of Snackoos, and sometimes throws them at Apollo. Ema has new techniques at her disposal in Apollo Justice, such as using plaster molds to create models of footprints.
    Ema makes a short cameo in Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. She assists Edgeworth with an investigation at Gatewater Land, having returned to the country for Spring Break. Unlike previous appearances, her investigation techniques are not interactive.

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