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It's An Exciting Time For E-Mail!

What's so exciting, you ask? This article will explain all!

These ain't yo daddy's emails!
These ain't yo daddy's emails!

The technology of the future is here, today! That’s right: we’re talking about electronic mail. Even those of you who have ascended to an online life consisting solely of Tik-Toks no doubt still occasionally receive an electronic notification regarding new Tik-Toks, Tik-Toks you might have missed, or perhaps Tik-Toks that only exist theoretically, in the mind of some NFT-obsessed tween who will eventually become the person who sends us all to the Thunderdome in the World After. You might have even been receiving the award-winning (also theoretically) Giant Bomb Newsletter, and if so, boy have we got news for you! That’s right: we’re building on our rich legacy of Technology™ and Innovation™ to offer you the chance to receive more emails from Giant Bomb.

That’s right: opting into this lovely new email group (we’re calling them Exciting Mails, or E-Mail for short!) will let us ping you about site deals (e.g. Premium sales), new merchandise “drops,” forum tournaments, or recent #Content you might have missed if you haven’t been to the site in awhile. We know that some of you don’t check the site every day and thus sometimes miss out on shirt pre-orders or Premium sale windows, and if so, well, A: you should really rethink your life priorities if a healthy daily dose of Giant Bomb is not among them, and B: signing up for these emails might be the perfect solution for you!

Note that current Newsletter subscribers will not be opted into this group. It's a whole different thing! You can opt into or out of each mailing list on your User Settings page, found by clicking on your avatar in the navigation bar:

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And from there, you can scroll down to find the Email and Notifications settings to opt into this wonderful new service:

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As always with Giant Bomb, our priority here is not to pester you with a ton of E-Mails; we’ll try to keep these to things that we’re pretty sure will be of interest to you, and will try not to email you the E-Mails too often. You can remove yourself from this mailing list at any time if we do start bugging you, either from the user settings page or via the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of any email.

Obviously that won't be necessary since all of these E-mails are going to be very Exciting indeed!