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Embers are items in the Dark Souls series that can be found as treasure in the environment, and given to a blacksmith to expand their forging and upgrade abilities.

Embers first appeared in the original Dark Souls, and just one (the Dull Ember) exists in Dark Souls II. While they are not present in Demon's Souls, the Red Hot Demon's Soul acquired by killing Flamelurker works in a similar fashion: it must be given to Blacksmith Ed to enable the forging of weapons from boss souls, though unlike an Ember it can instead be consumed to gain souls.

Dark Souls

In Dark Souls, several Embers are spread throughout the game world, each with different attributes. Each one can only be used by a specific blacksmith - the Crystal Ember can only be given to the Giant Blacksmith, the Enchanted Ember to Rickert of Vinheim, etc. Other smiths will mention the Ember if the player is carrying it, but will not ask for it.

Ember Effects

Besides the normal upgrade path, which imparts a simple boost to the weapon's stats with each upgrade, there are also paths for more specialized effects, some of which require an ember. These paths can be useful for certain character builds or against certain enemies, but all of them have drawbacks as well.

  • Magic weapons deal Magic damage that scales slightly with Intelligence. Physical damage is lowered, along with any Strength and Dexterity bonuses.
  • Raw weapons gain a large boost to base physical damage with each level, but all stat bonuses are reduced at the outset. The Raw upgrade path also tops out at a lower base damage level than the normal path.

List of Embers

No Caption Provided
Large Ember

Modify: Normal +5 into Raw

Reinforce: Normal +6 through +10, Raw +1 through +5

Andre of AstoraUndead Parish
No Caption Provided

Very Large EmberReinforce: Normal +11 through +15Andre of AstoraNew Londo Ruins
No Caption Provided

Divine Ember

Modify: Normal +5 into Divine

Reinforce: Divine +1 through +5

Andre of AstoraDarkroot Garden
No Caption Provided

Large Divine EmberReinforce: Divine +6 through +10Andre of AstoraTomb of the Giants
No Caption Provided

Dark Ember

Modify: Divine +5 into Occult

Reinforce: Occult +1 through +5

Andre of AstoraPainted World of Ariamis
No Caption Provided

Enchanted Ember

Modify: Magic +5 into Enchanted

Reinforce: Enchanted +1 through +5

Rickert of VinheimDarkroot Garden
No Caption Provided

Large Magic EmberReinforce: Magic +6 through +10Rickert of VinheimThe Duke's Archives
No Caption Provided

Crystal Ember

Modify: Normal +10 into Crystal

Reinforce: Crystal +1 through +5

Giant BlacksmithThe Duke's Archives
No Caption Provided
Chaos Flame Ember

Modify: Fire +5 into Chaos

Reinforce: Chaos +1 through +5

VamosDemon Ruins
No Caption Provided

Large Flame EmberReinforce: Fire +6 through +10VamosDemon Ruins

Dark Souls II


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