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Wrongfully jailed for the murder of her patrolman fiance Ren, Emilia is sprung from prison by the outlaw group Gradius and inducted into their organization to help stop Joker, the man who killed her lover. Emilia quickly strikes up a friendship with Gradius' other female operatives, Liza and Annie, but tends to remain somewhat aloof from their shady commander Roufas.

Emilia is a somewhat unexpectedly good combatant for a former super model. She is capable of, and obliged to change outfits during the course of her quest, and while this might at first seem a trivial cosmetic change, her clothes actually affect the abilities that she learns.
She can be recruited in virtually every other main characters' storyline, by pursuing the Arcane magic quest and is found in Baccarat. However, she can only change costume in her own story mode.

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